Lets Get Clinical | #FunnyFriday

MagSRT™ whooped Placebo’s you-know-what in the Scottsdale Magnesium Study – so of course we made a music video about it... #FunnyFriday

Featuring Ashley Leroux, Business Development Manager at Jigsaw, and Thomas Delauer playing the role of MagSRT™. (Placebo declined to comment.)

For more information about the study, or if you want to see the results yourself, click this link:  Scottsdale Magnesium Study

Want to listen to more songs from Ashley Leroux? You can listen to her sing any time you want by subscribing to her Spotify channel HERE.

Special Thanks to  Thomas DeLauer as MagSRT™!

Produced and Recorded by John Hererra at  Clamsville Productions.

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