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It's likely you already take our famous Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT® -- in fact, over 80% of our customers do...

And, it's why we are telling you about our new once-a-day vitamin packets that include Magnesium w/SRT, plus 6 other vitamin and mineral supplements!

What's included in the Jigsaw Basic?

A 30-day supply of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids packed into 1 convenient daily packet -- for as low as $1.33 per day...

  • Magnesium w/SRT (3)
  • Vitamin C w/SRT (2)
  • Activated B w/SRT (1)
  • Omega-3 fish oil + Vitamin D3 (2)
  • Curcumin (1)
  • Multi-Mineral (1)
  • Antioxidant (1)

And just as you would expect, we're using the most active, bio-available (and frankly, expensive) forms of all these ingredients.

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