Do pregnant women need extra Magnesium? | #AshWednesday

Dr. Liz (aka. "Mrs. Magnesium Man", Morley Robbins' wife) discusses the importance of extra Magnesium for women during pregnancy with Ashley Leroux of Jigsaw Health.

According to Magnesium researcher Mildred Seelig, "Pregnancy is a Magnesium-deficient state." 

So pregnant moms, MAG-it-up! After all, you're taking Magnesium for two!!! :)

Dr. Liz also quotes Mildred Seelig's formula for determining how much Magnesium one needs: 5mg for every pound of body weight. (So 100lb person needs 500mg per day; 150lb person needs 750mg per day; 200lb person needs 1,000mg per day, etc.)  But when pregnant, the body requires more Magnesium, as much as double. When your stools get too lose, that's when you should back off.

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