Recent Customer Survey

Our recent customer survey had some excellent testimonials that may be of help in getting a better feel for Jigsaw Health and our products.

Customer Testimonials

I am very pleased with your product! I had a rash that wouldn't go away. A friend said that maybe my liver and kidneys weren't working well. I did some research online and discovered that magnesium deficiency can interfere with kidney and liver function. I found your website and tried your Magnesium with SRT and it cleared up my rash and helped me handle the enormous stress I was under. Things really turned around for me after taking your product. - Ann

My husband is a skeptical supplement user - very tuned in to how his body reacts to new additions to his diet. He experienced a noticeable increase in energy and good feeling within a couple days of adding magnesium with SRT to his regimen. I've also noticed how much more energy I have throughout the day, especially towards the end when ordinarily I'd start to feel depleted. We eat pretty well so it was a surprise to us to realize how our diet must have been magnesium-deficient and how important this supplement is to our well-being. I've just ordered 3 more bottles. - Sarah

Yes, everything arrived fine and I thank you for the excellent service and bonus gift. Plan to re-order soon, will be getting back to your company. Love your quality products. Thanks again! - Virginia

Love the product; thanks for inquiring. And, your service is impeccable. - Diann

I was searching for natural supplements for a chronic condition when I came across your site. Most of the natural supplement or chronic condition information sites on the web are pretty bad, and I generally return to my search engine right away. However, your site, which I first accessed through one of the articles, is well laid out and user-friendly (I’m in IT, I can’t help it), and because the first article I pulled up had useful links to relevant information (not just products) embedded within the article, and it was well-written and credible, I stayed on your site. The site also has quite a lot of resources, many of them external. - Dryw

I decided to use your company because Dennis Praeger endorsed your product. I had no problems either navigating or using your web site. If anything else does occur to me I will definitely let you know. Thanks for the coupon. - Robin

After a Google search for ground flax seed I found your site to have the best price in a size that was convenient to use. I found your Website easy to navigate and checkout was easy as well. This is the first time I have used your site. - Van

Thanks so much for the followup. I have to say, having tried a lot of different probiotics, yours really is good. At first I wasn't sure, but I've been taking them for over 6 months now and the effect seems to be cumulative. My digestion is just about perfect and I almost never hear a peep from my intestines, unlike the good old days when I had a full orchestra making all sorts of noise all the time. ;-) - Tracey

I did a search about my particular concern and found your site, and was very impressed with all the information available -- lots of really good articles to read before buying products. It's well-researched and presented; professional and interesting.

And now I'm extriely impressed with the customer service -- I do all my shopping online and I've never come across such great, conscientious folks.

I plan to shop with you as much as possible. - Elizabeth

I was watching Oprah one day. It was on staying & feeling young. One of the guests took ground flax seed evey day for better digestion & elimination. That caught my attention so I got online & looked for ground flax seed. Your product seied to be what I wanted so I ordered it. I've been using Flaxmeal for 3 months now & I love it! I feel great & healthy. So I ordered more. Thanks, - Jennifer

To answer your question about why I decided to purchase a product from Jigsaw - I was interested in finding an amino acid product with no wheat, yeast or dairy since I am sensitive to these things - Jigsaw was the first company that I found with such a product - some other things about the website: I think it is very user friendly - the graphics and layout are terrific - the information is very clear and easy to follow - I was also impressed by Pat Sullivan's personal health challenges and philosophy - I also commend Jigsaw for having a section on Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome (which I am now in the process of recovering from) - this is a really huge health issue, but there aren't too many holistic health websites that say much about it, if anything , take care. - Paul

I came upon your site one day searching for Abion magnesium and was very impressed with all the information on your web site and personal service once I placed my order. This is my third order I think and I also ordered for a friend and now she orders from you also. I was having trouble sleeping and a friend told me years ago she used L-tryptophan and it worked great & was taken off the market...when I saw it in your product selection I thought I'd try it and it really is working well for me...I was using melatonin and it was great for about 4 hours then I'd be awake...I go back to sleep easily with the L-tryptophan...I should have ordered yesterday I'm almost out & hope I get this order in the next day or so... I also really like the magnesium & calcium I get from you. Thanks for the 10% off my next order I'll use it on my next order. - Bonnie

I am glad to see that you are so conscientious about your website and customer service...that tells me a lot about the company! :)

I searched the internet for magnesium supplients and yours seied to be the highest quality, and because of the complete description that was included (which I always look for), it convinced me that your product is the one to purchase. Also, I have some trouble with magnesium as it can cause bowel problis for me, and I noted that yours is noted not to do so...so I am hoping it will work well for me. Also, I went back and noted that you have a special slow-release of B vitamins. I have used Montiff Slow Release B vitamins also and did like thi, but I noticed that yours have a higher dose per pill, so I decided to try it.

Thank you so much, for the coupon! I will be sure to use it on any future order. - Paulette

I have been impressed by what I have read both by and about Pat Sullivan. From this reading, curiosity led to visit the web site; which I find both interesting and helpful. I am not much of a critic when it comes to web site design, but I find yours to be helpful and user friendly. I also find it much more comfortable than those of bulk of your competition which I find blatantly commercial and sales oriented.

General health information and detailed product information is very important to me. - John

I broke my heel a year ago and my doctor said I’d probably just have to live with constant pain and tingling. Then I was told that Essential Blend Systiic Enzymes could help and they did. The tingling and most of the pain in my heel is gone! I even got some unexpected side effects—the headaches and severe allergies I’ve lived with for years have been greatly reduced. - Pablo

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