What are the tricks of the supplement industry?

Way too many people invest in supplements without every seeing tangible results. They don’t feel noticeably better. The condition or problem they were hoping to treat doesn’t get any better. And the consumer is left frustrated and more willing to believe that there aren’t any answers.

Jigsaw Health is devoted to destroying this cycle.

  1.     We only sell products that have proven effective in the “lab” of scientific studies and in the real world of everyday use.
  2.     We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t notice real benefits from our product, contact us for a full refund.

Inevitably though, customers ask why we’re able to sell products that work, when so many vitamins and supplements are ineffective. The truth is, there are a lot of reasons why most supplements don’t work (even skipping over the obvious false claims and snake-oilsmanship), and we’ve compiled a list of the top 5:


1. Less than what’s on the label

This one’s fairly simple and straightforward and, unfortunately, not all that uncommon. The product simply doesn’t contain the active ingredients in the amount claimed. Consumerlab.com routinely tests supplements and vitamins and routinely finds brands/products that contain significantly less active ingredient than the labeled amount.

  • Jigsaw Health only works with very best, most reliable manufacturers of supplements and routinely checks to ensure our products contain the amount of active ingredients listed.


2. Less than needed

Very often, scientific studies will show effectiveness for substances at relatively high doses, and supplement companies will churn out products that contain less than a tenth of that amount in their daily recommendations – often while charging a ridiculous amount for a “month’s supply.”

  • As a provider of science-based alternative health products, we always package our products to contain efficacious amounts of the active ingredients. In fact, our products will often contain multiple times those of competing products: our digestive enzymes and probiotics are excellent examples of this.

3. Less expensive and less absorbable forms of the active ingredients

Most consumers don’t get into the nitty-gritty details of exactly which chemical or formulation has proven efficacious; they just know and search for supplements labeled with the common name. And often, they end up they end up with less absorbable forms of the product that have been packaged in non-dissolvable tablets and pills. This is especially problematic for older consumers or those with a compromised digestive system – often the very segments targeted by supplement companies!

  • Jigsaw health always provides the most absorbable formulations of our products. Whether it’s our Magnesium, Calcium, B-vitamins, our Jigsaw Complete, or our Vitamin C, we always sell the most absorbable and bio-available forms.

4. Based on selective or skewed studies

A lot of supplement companies know that if they torture the data long enough, they can get it to confess to almost anything. They’ll use questionable and biased studies. Or they’ll only cite the one aberrant study in support of their product while ignoring 20 newer, better studies that would invalidate their claims. They take studies done on non-representative (usually ageing or unhealthy) populations, and then erroneously extrapolate the results to the average person.

  • All of our products are supported by a wealth of scientific studies or data. And in the cases where there are conflicting studies, we only go with the preponderance of the evidence. We pride ourselves as a source of reliable scientific information on the products we sell, and we have a Scientific Advisory Board to provide oversight on this very area.

5. Contains heavy metals or other toxins

Health supplements should be the last place to find health-destroying toxins, but more than a few supplements contain dangerous amounts heavy metals. Probiotics and Colloidal Minerals are some of the worst offenders, but multi-vitamins and other supplements have also been found with lead and other toxins.

  • All of our products are toxin-free and heavy-metal free

Pat Sullivan suffered from chronic conditions for several decades and has patiently discovered the inns and outs of the supplement business. In the process, he has either discovered or created products that are actually absorbed by the body and have a noticeable, positive effect – products that help you to feel better.

It is Pat’s commitment, and the commitment of Jigsaw Health, to help people with Chronic Conditions by supplying truly effective products. We only sell effective products; we’ll sell no other; and we’re willing to back that claim by offering a 90-Day money back guarantee.

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