There are 2 Types of Leg Cramps, and They're Both Caused by Deficiencies

Have you ever woken up to a startling, searing pain in your leg? It feels like your calf has clenched up for dear life and won’t let go? What about when you’re working out? You’re enjoying a hike or spin class, and all of a sudden your leg protests and you have to stop?

Leg cramps are extremely common. In fact, more than half of all adults experience them. But did you know that the specific timing of when those cramps happen can tell you exactly what kind of mineral deficiency you have? This is good news because when you know what your body needs, you can respond with just the right solution.*

So what mineral are your muscle cramps screaming for?

If you cramp up during physical activity, that’s a sign your body is running low on Potassium. If you cramp up in the middle of the night, that’s a sign your body needs Magnesium.*

There are some things you can do to help avoid BOTH types of cramps.

If muscle cramps prevent you from enjoying long hours of physical activity, then our Jigsaw Pickleball Cocktail™ is right for you… 

Jigsaw Pickleball Cocktail contains 800 mg of Potassium -- as much as two bananas -- along with other good stuff you need - Magnesium, Chloride, Sodium, and none of what you don’t: SUGAR or CAFFEINE. So you won’t have to deal with energy crashes and all the other problems that come with sugar consumption.*

We recommend using Pickleball Cocktail in the morning before physical activity to feed your muscles what they need. Finally, a cocktail you should drink at 7 am ;)

Second, introduce Jigsaw MagSoothe™, a calming form of magnesium, into your nightly routine. Not only will it tell your legs to chill out, but it’ll also quiet your brain chatter so you can sleep soundly. When you give yourself the gift of good sleep and give your muscles a real chance to recover, you’re able to bring your best to each day.*

Used in combination, Pickleball Cocktail + MagSoothe are the perfect pair to help you sleep soundly and keep your muscles happy.*

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