Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT® (B-Free) - Based off the top-rated, best-selling Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT® formula, but does not include any active B vitamins.

Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT® (B-Free)


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      Supplement Facts

      Active Ingredients: Magnesium (as dimagnesium malate), Vitamin C (as ascorbyl palmitate), Malic Acid (as dimagnesium malate).

      The malate form of magnesium is 85% absorbable.

      **This B-Free formula is based off our top-rated, best-selling Jigsaw MagSRT™ formula, but does not include any B vitamins.  Why?  We have customers who love our original MagSRT™, but they wanted to supplement their B vitamins separately.  This product is for you guys!  :)

      Suggested Use: Take 2 tablets twice daily (2 in the morning, 2 in the evening). For advanced use take 4 tablets twice daily (4 in the morning, 4 in the evening - may split into smaller doses as needed). Or use as directed by your healthcare professional. Take with food.

      Please Note: If you are currently being treated for kidney disease, please consult your healthcare professional before taking any magnesium supplement as magnesium toxicity can occur in those with kidney disease.


      Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT® (B-Free) Contains:

      • No artificial colors or dyes
      • No yeast
      • No preservatives
      • No carnauba wax
      • Vegan safe

      The Magnesium Supplements You've Been Searching For

      • Proprietary Sustained Release Technology (w/SRT®)
      • Supports healthy muscle tone, overall energy, heart health & more*
      • Promotes restful sleep!*
      • Super-absorbable, premium organic form – dimagnesium malate from Albion Labs


      "Great for those with MTHFR gene..."

      Comparison of Leading Time-Release Magnesium Supplement Brands


      What Is "SRT" And Why Is It So Important?

      The "SRT" in Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT® stands for Sustained Release Technology, and it's the major difference that gives this product its superior effectiveness.

      Instead of the magnesium being dumped into your system all at once, SRT slows down the release of magnesium so it's spread out over 8 hours, which allows your body to absorb the maximum it needs to start feeling your best... avoiding the dreaded digestive discomfort that high doses of most magnesium supplements can cause.*


      Why Do I Need A High Dose Of Magnesium? 

      If you want to promote healthy and relaxed muscle tone and function, as well as support joint health, digestive health, healthy sleep cycles, and overall energy, then you must take a high enough dose of magnesium to compensate for the fact that our typical modern daily diet tends to run low on this vital mineral.*

      What Size Dose Is High Enough?

      The RDI for magnesium is 400mg per day, so everyone should at least get that much.

      Jigsaw Health's recommended dose is a little higher at 500mg a day (or more, as bowel tolerance allows). This is because many people have been running low on magnesium for years and need more than the "minimum" to replenish their magnesium stores.

      Some experts in the field — such as Dr. Russell Blaylock — recommend 1000mg a day as the optimal dose to relieve the effects that can be connected to magnesium-deprived diets.*

      Low Dose vs. High Dose Magnesium Supplements

      Although there are thousands of cheaper magnesium supplements available, the simple truth is that you CANNOT replenish your body's magnesium stores with a cheap magnesium supplement.

      Why? Because you cannot take high doses of a regular magnesium supplement without it causing a very uncomfortable laxative effect—your body's way of discarding high levels of magnesium that it is unable to absorb all at once. And the low doses you're restricted to simply won't deliver results.

      So, yes other magnesium supplements cost less, but that doesn't matter much when the ONLY thing they will deliver — at high enough doses — is an extreme laxative effect.

      Our SRT technology successfully addresses this issue by SLOWLY releasing a higher amount of magnesium, pacing it out over 6 to 8 hours—a rate at which your body can properly absorb and utilize the mineral. Your body gets the magnesium it's craving, without any digestive drama.*

      What Can Magnesium Help Me With?*

      • Promote healthy relaxed muscle tone and function.*
      • Promote athletic recovery.*
      • Support steady energy production. Promote healthy, restful sleep.*
      • Support a balanced response to stress.*
      • Maintain healthy blood pressure levels within normal range.*
      • Maintain healthy blood sugar/glucose levels within normal limits.*
      • Promote regularity and healthy digestion.*
      • Support the body's ability to properly dissolve and utilize calcium in joints, muscles, and arteries.*
      • Support respiratory and cardiovascular health.*
      • Support healthy hormonal balance—especially in connection with the female cycle.*
      • Support overall bone health.*

      How Long Will It Take To See Results?

      Many of our customers see a difference in the very first week of using Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT®, because an absorbable, high dose supplement starts to replenish magnesium stores right away.*

      While most of our customers report that 500mg a day works wonders for their health goals, many others take 1,000mg a day (as bowel tolerance allows) in order to follow Dr. Blaylock's recommendation, and to gain the maximum number of benefits that magnesium provides when your body has an ample supply.*

      What Are The Signs That The Body is Craving Magnesium?

      When the body's magnesium stores are taxed—a common occurrence considering our magnesium-poor diets—the body provides some clear hints. Body aches, constipation, tension headaches, reduced energy, interrupted sleep, and many other indicators are the body's way of saying it wants more magnesium.* Magnesium is involved in more than 325 enzyme reactions. It's likely there are hundreds more that scientists have yet to discover.

      Can I Replenish My Magnesium Stores By Taking Only The RDI?

      No. The Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) is the minimum amount required to avoid a deficiency — not necessarily the maximum amount required for optimal health.

      Most magnesium supplements cannot meet, let alone exceed, the 400mg RDI for magnesium because they will often produce an unwanted laxative effect (aka - diarrhea) at that level.

      Comparatively, four easy-to-swallow tablets of Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT® delivers 500mg of magnesium each day, exceeding the RDI by 25% to effectively achieve healthy magnesium levels— without uncomfortable digestive issues.*

      Why Did You Make a B-Free Version of Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT?

      Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT has become a very popular magnesium supplement.  But a segment of our customer base requested the ability to supplement their B vitamins (B6, B12, and Folate) separately from their magnesium.  Therefore, this formula is for you guys! :)

      Why Does The B-Free Formula Cost The Same As "Regular" Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT?

      Good question! You might be thinking, "This formula has three less ingredients, shouldn't it cost less?"

      The reality is that the B-Free formula is actually more expensive for us to produce. "How could that possibly be?" The answer is simple -- it comes down to economies of scale. We produce tens of millions of "regular" Mag SRT tablets per year.  And as of the launch of the B-Free formula in Spring 2016, we produced a relatively small batch (about 1,000 bottles) to ensure that there is actually is a market for this product.  

      And because we use such a tiny amount of B6, B12, and Folate in regular Mag SRT, those three ingredients only accounts for about 20 cents of cost per bottle.  Therefore, "regular" Magnesium w/SRT and B-Free Magnesium w/SRT are likely to always have the same retail price, with 4 tablets costing about 67 cents per day.

      How Does Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT® (B-Free) Compare To Other Magnesium Supplements?

      • The only magnesium supplement in the world that combines Albion's premier, organic dimagnesium malate into a timed-release formula.
      • More bioavailable than other forms of magnesium.
      • Bound to malic acid, which helps the body create more energy.
      • Avoids digestive discomfort!
      • Coated, easy-to-swallow, dissolvable tablets.
      • As low as $0.48 per day with 6 bottle purchase; $0.67 per day at 1 bottle purchase price.
      • Patented dimagnesium malate is from Albion Advanced Nutrition, the world's premier researcher and supplier of clinically-tested, organic minerals.
      • See our in-depth magnesium supplement comparison for more.

      Comparison of Leading Time-Release Magnesium Supplement Brands


    • Product Reviews


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      1. Much better for me

        For some reason, I experienced unpleasant side effects while taking the regular magnesium formula. After taking the new B-free formulation as directed for several days, I'm happy to report that I'm side effect-free and am also going to bed earlier without feeling sleepier. Thank you, Jigsaw, for the opportunity to try this for free. I'll definitely purchase some! on 17th Jun 2016

      2. Better For Me

        I had been taking the regular magnesium formula, but would occasionally get reflux and indigestion. The company generously offered a free sample of their new B free product. This definitely settles better on my stomach. However, B vitamins are important cofactors of magnesium. So I am happy to supplement with bee pollen separately without any digestive upset. I am a cyclist and the magnesium supplementation has definitely helped with muscle cramping and recovery. on 16th Jun 2016

      3. Good for those with MTHFR

        Please note, I received a free sample of this product. What follows, however, is my honest review.

        I learned about magnesium supplementation first from a friend who told me about the book The Magnesium Miracle (http://amzn.to/1XCg9M0) and then learned a lot more from the Magnesium Advocacy Group on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/MagnesiumAdvocacy/). I started taking the Jigsaw Magnesium (aka "Green Apple Magnesium") after seeing this website.


        I started taking Jigsaw magnesium and noticed that even at half the recommended dose (2 pills), I would get very shaky and nauseated so I reduced it to just 1 pill. I took one a day for a few months.

        My new mag regimen coincided with some extremely stressful life events so it wasn't until I ran out and realized I had forgotten to reorder it that I noticed my daily horrible temper flares were always immediately preceded by my morning dose of magnesium. I quit taking it and my rages disappeared.

        I could not figure out what was happening. Google helped me figure things out. I had genetic testing done a couple of years ago and knew I had the MTHFR gene mutation but I had no idea it could cause the problems I was having with the original Jigsaw Magnesium formula! Here are a couple of links others may find relevant and/or interesting.



        For the last few days, I have been taking the new Jigsaw Magnesium B-Free and have had a lot more energy, no nausea, and no rages. It has been great! I am so happy to be able to take this type of magnesium (malate) again without the horrible side effects I had from the previous formula. I will definitely keep ordering this.

        I also must say that I am very, very impressed with the level of customer service Jigsaw provides. My order shipped within a couple of hours of ordering and arrived in 2 days. The staff are very responsive and polite. All around great company, great products! I was already recommending them to everyone I know! I'll have to tell everyone, especially my MTHFR friends, about this new formula!
        on 7th Jun 2016

      4. B Free mag makes a huge difference!

        I purchased Jigsaw with the Bs included and didn't do well. The company offered a sample bottle of the B free and oh what a difference. Customer service has been more than first class. I will not hesitate to do business with Jigsaw and recommend them highly to my friends and family. Thank you Patrick Sullivan Jr for your generosity and kindness. on 7th Jun 2016

      5. I'm so pleased with this product!

        With a magnesium RBC of 5.2, I knew I needed to supplement magnesium. With my gut issues, keeping magneisum in me, wasn’t working with most forms of maggie I took. I started taking Jigsaw/SRT with the B vitamins. Thrilled that it stayed in me, I used it, but I was reacting poorly to it. Shortly after taking it, I would get nauseous, develop a headache, feel anxiety, and my muscles ached. Knowing I get that reaction from B vitamins, I reluctantly stopped taking it. Then I received a sample of the new product without B's—how gracious of the company to provide that. Well ... I'm pleased to report that I'm not getting ANY negative reaction. I love it! Thank you Patrick Sullivan JR, for listening to your customers and providing the fantastic customer service you do. on 6th Jun 2016

      6. Finally, a Mag I can take!

        I've tried many magnesium formulas and none were compatible for me. I've been able to take this formula without any problems! This is a big deal! I'm very happy! I'll be re-ordering for sure. on 6th Jun 2016

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      shipping: 1 Bottle = 2 Month supply @ 4 tablets per day