Jigsaw Digestive Enzymes - A premium digestive enzyme supplement.

Jigsaw Digestive Enzymes - Essential Blend™


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      Supplement Facts

      Active Ingredients: NEC Custom Enzyme Blend: BioCore® Dairy (protease and lactase blend – from Aspergillus niger and A. oryzae), Exo-peptidase, Dipeptidyl peptidase IV, Pepsin 1:10000, Protease 4.5, Acid Protease, Alpha-galactosidase, Protease 6.0, Alkaline Protease, Protease 3.0, and Betaine HCl.

      Suggested Use: To support healthy digestion, take 1 capsule three times daily directly before each meal. Or use as directed by your healthcare professional.*

      Note: The effectiveness of digestive enzymes supplements requires adequate intake of vitamins and minerals, especially magnesium — of which an estimated 2 out of 3 Americans are running low on this mineral. You might consider supplementing with magnesium and other vitamins and minerals to make digestive enzymes more effective.

      The Secret Of Feeling Great After Even The Biggest Meals.

      • Now contains Betaine HCl for enhanced protein digestion*
      • Break down hidden gluten, casein and lactose*
      • Promotes smooth, comfortable digestion*
      • Gain maximum nourishment from every single meal*
      • Customer Rating image 5 out of 5 
      • 100% of reviewers would recommend this to a friend.

      "...digestion and absorption have been a big problem for me... discovering effective digestive enzymes has helped me in so many ways! I love this product because it is very potent and broad spectrum... one of the very few enzymes that can actually digest most of the casein and gluten hidden in a lot of foods when I eat out."

      What Makes Jigsaw's Digestive Enzyme Supplement Different?

      After reviewing some of the newest research available, we decided to make three significant changes in our Essential Blend Digestive Enzymes formula. All of these changes truly set it apart from other digestive enzyme supplements on the market, and deliver health benefits beyond just enhanced digestion.* 

      Change #1: First, we took out all the enzymes designed to break down carbohydrates (with the exception of those targeting milk sugars, since many people benefit from a little added support for healthy digestion of lactose). We did this because the newest data show that our bodies are actually better off WITHOUT improved carbohydrates digestion.*

      Accelerating carbohydrate digestion can actually spike blood sugar, which can have several undesirable effects. One of which is that the increased insulin can turn more carbohydrates and digested sugars into fat. The spike in blood sugar is also often followed by a noticeable drop that many people actually feel as reduced energy.*

      Change #2: Second, we took out the enzymes targeting fat digestion. Studies are now showing that the more undigested fat that passes through the gastrointestinal system, the more toxins that are excreted through the bowels.1*

      Dr. Walter Crinnion — an Environmental Specialist, and author of Clean, Green and Lean— pointed out that it is much better NOT to increase digestion of fat because fat is one of the main vehicles the body uses to carry toxins out of the body.*

      Change #3: Third, we added even more enzymes to break down protein — PLUS Betaine HCl to promote ideal pH for enzyme function and protein digestion.*

      As we age — and when ongoing health challenges are present — digestion of protein is one of the most important areas to focus on for whole health. We NEED protein to be digested into amino acids in order to supply the body with the materials needed to build and maintain virtually everything in the body. Without amino acids, our bodies literally break down over time. Amino Acids are the body's primary building blocks.*

      Also, when poorly digested food proteins slip into the bloodstream, they can trigger a cascade that leads to food allergies. So the complete digestion of proteins is a critical function of the digestive system. Casein and gluten are well-known as two of the most difficult proteins to break down, so it's no surprise that these often show up as food allergens.

      Our new formula provides focused support for breaking down hidden or trace amounts of gluten and casein that can show up in many modern foods. With this new formula, we have dramatically increased support for the body's natural ability to digest these proteins— unlocking the amino acids inside so they are released and available to help build and maintain our health every single day.*

      Want To Enhance Your Digestive Health?

      Jigsaw's digestive enzymes supplement creates an incredibly effective foundation for enhancing digestive health— and ultimately whole health, since the whole body benefits from healthy digestion of nutrients.*

      Sure, enzymes can support healthy smooth-feeling digestion, but our Essential Blend Digestive Enzymes Supplement does much more:*

      • Support digestion of hidden wheat and dairy ingredients (especially gluten, casein and lactose) found in many pre-packaged and processed foods.*
      • Promote healthy protein digestion and utilization of amino acids from protein in meals.
      • Supplement the natural function of the pancreas in producing digestive enzymes.*
      • Support the absorption of nutrients from food.*

      What Can Digestive Enzymes Help Me With?

      • Promote healthy digestion.*
      • Support the digestive system in breaking down complex proteins into essential amino acids.*
      • Support the body's ability to absorb and assimilate nutrients.*
      • Support healthy energy levels, especially after large meals.*
      • Promote healthy digestion of dairy foods.*

      What Makes Jigsaw's Digestive Enzymes Supplement So Effective?

      Designed to work throughout the digestive tract in a wide pH range: from 3.0-8.0 this digestive enzymes supplement is especially helpful for those with varying pH levels in their bodies.*
      Very powerful, broad spectrum enzymes support healthy digestion of dairy sugars and all types of proteins, including the difficult-to-digest casein and gluten found in many grains and breads.*
      Comes in capsule form so that you can even break it open and sprinkle on food or in water for even faster action.*

      Is Jigsaw's Digestive Enzymes Supplement A Good Value?

      • Contains proven, broad-spectrum enzymes that are more potent and effective than other commercially available enzymes.*
      • Suggested use is one capsule per meal — compared to the six or more suggested for other digestive enzymes supplements.
      • Costs just $.83 per day — compared to $6.92 per day for the top-selling digestive enzymes supplement.

      Where Did The Formulation Come From?

      Co-developed with the National Enzyme Company (NEC), one of the top enzyme manufacturers in the world, with more than 75 years of experience formulating enzymes.

      And like all Jigsaw Health products, manufactured using the most stringent Good Manufacturing Practices.

      What Does The "Essential Blend" Consist Of?

      • Proteolytic enzymes – Powerful enough to digest most gluten and casein found in grains and dairy. For instance, these powerful proteolytic enzymes digest the gluten and casein often hidden in foods eaten in restaurants.*
      • Alpha-galactosidase – Effectively breaks down the indigestible sugars (such as melibiose, raffinose and stachyose) that commonly occur in vegetables, especially in members of the legume and cruciferous families.*
      • BioCore™ Dairy – A proprietary blend of protease and lactase enzymes to support healthy digestion of dairy products and lactose.*
      • Betaine HCl – A metabolite of choline that is used in one of the pathways that converts homocysteine to L-methionine. It was added as a source of supplemental hydrochloric acid in order to support overall digestion, and to help lower the stomach's pH. This helps create an environment that promotes the effective activity of low-pH enzymes like pepsin.*

      What Other Products Are Essential For Digestive Health?

      Combining a highly effective digestive enzymes supplement with a potent probiotic, such as Jigsaw's Essential Blend Probiotics can be an essential first step toward promoting lasting whole health. We encourage you to consider this other wonderful and popular product that could offer additional benefits, and provide enhanced support for smooth, healthy, and effective digestion.*

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      1. Such relief!!!

        I have been using good digestive enzymes for a couple of years. I decided that I needed betaine to digest the protein I was starting to have trouble with. First capsule, no more distress. Love, love, love this product! on 6th Sep 2017

      2. This product is amazing.

        I have been having digestive problems for a long time. With this product and very little change in my diet, all the symptoms have gone away. This product worked wonderfully and I would highly recommend this to any one with abdominal pain from digestive complications. on 23rd Jan 2015

      3. Good digestion, able to eat protein better

        What a great relief to find Jigsaw Health. I've used two products from Jigsaw thus far and both are extremely beneficial and superior to anything that I have tried. I'm so blessed to find Jigsaw because they personally help you and get your products to you so quickly, plus these are really first-rate products. My newest product to start is their Digestive Enzymes. I had my gallbladder removed in 2003 and have to really watch what I eat now. I NEED digestive enzymes, which I've tried two different brands and still have a few of each brand.

        Already my digestion is improving. Believe me, I can feel it too. I received them last week, and they appear to be working really good now and so soon is amazing to me. I'm finding them so much better than the other two brands that I've tried. One of the brands that I have was more expensive and doesn't help me as much. My older brand doesn't help me as much as the Jigsaw brand.
        on 23rd Jan 2015

      4. They really work for me!

        I have tried other enzymes and they just don't compare to these. I really like how convenient they are and they don't have to be refrigerated!

        I order online and it is always fast and efficient.
        on 23rd Jan 2015

      5. Easy to use, extremely effective

        This is an excellent product. I have a slight tendency towards indigestion and occasionally overindulge if the dinner is just too good, and in these circumstances, a digestive enzyme capsule is just what I need. For me, I find one is the correct dose. I really don't need more than that. Thanks for another fantastic product! on 23rd Jan 2015

      6. Contains a broad range of enzymes to ensure greater likelihood of enjoyment of foods

        I must commend Jigsaw Health for its all-around excellence. Though Jigsaw's digestive enzymes would probably be effective for most people, there were were a few enzymes that I needed additionally that another brand of enzymes contained, so I had to switch back.

        Because Jigsaw offers a guarantee for their products, I called the customer service line, so I could be issued a refund. Normally, dealing w/ returns are a hassle, but I was impressed and pleased Jigsaw's customer service.

        In a world where companies promise to do good & claim to strive for excellence, Jigsaw actually backs up every claim w/ their actions. I've experienced excellent service in all aspects, from ordering, shipping, and even returning.

        The customer service reps are warm and friendly, and credits for goods are issued immediately. Every step is painless, and this is so greatly appreciated. Jigsaw's quality educational info is also a testament to its commitment to overall wellness.
        on 23rd Jan 2015

      7. Good value/excellent product

        Digestive enzymes along with probiotics, fiber supplementation and of course dietary modification including mostly organic foods have supported the health of my GI tract.

        I can honestly say that Essential Blend Digestive Enzymes are the best enzymes I have tried (and I have tried many). They have made a significant difference in calming my GI system with much reduced post meal bloating.
        on 23rd Jan 2015