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      Supplement Facts

      Active Ingredient in Cyto-Ess™ is Ai/E10® Refined Lacteal Complex (from Whey [Milk]). But is safe for those who are lactose intolerant.

      Suggested Use: Take 1 capsule two times a day with meals. Or use as directed by your healthcare professional.

      Note: If you are pregnant or lactating, check with a healthcare professional prior to use.


      Who Else Wants To Improve Their Immune System These Days?

      • Fewer sick days by supporting a healthy immune response*
      • Fight off immune system challenges before they start*
      • Clinically proven, patented & derived from whey
      • Safe for adults, kids, and those with lactose intolerance

      "...I love Cyto-Ess because I have such a poor immune system and it really helps when I start to feel sick. It gives me the boost that I need to start feeling better and not let my body be overcome with illness." 

      What Is Unique About Cyto-Ess™ Immune Support?

      Unlike other immune support products that temporarily spike your immune system and don't offer continuous immune enhancement, Cyto-Ess™ Immune Support is a clinically proven immune modulator that balances the function of your immune system.*

      Cyto-Ess™ is manufactured using a patented and proprietary process that significantly elevates the quantity and nature of immunoactive molecules in milk. The molecules contained in Ai/E10® may generally be available in your body, but can be depleted easily. You need sufficient quantities of these immunoactive molecules to assure a strong and vigorous immune system.*

      Is An Immune Support Product Really A Necessity?

      Many factors of modern life take their toll on the immune response: stress, dietary and lifestyle issues, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, mutating viruses, mold exposure, and modern-day chemicals. In this day and age, a dietary supplement to enhance the immune system response can be very helpful to provide additional support for the body's natural defenses.

      In fact, it's just as essential as the daily vitamins and minerals you take to help restore the much-needed nutrients that run low in today's nutrient-depleted, processed food supplies. With a balanced immune system response, the body is better able to respond to the demands placed on it by stress and environmental factors.*

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      1. Improve your immune system

        I have be using this formula Aie/10 for 18 years give to my dearest grandchildren to help improve their immune and get well faster when they get the sniffles. on 21st Feb 2018

      2. helps my family with their allergies

        My family are very pleased with the Performance of this product my grandchildren take it also to help them with their allergies on 29th Nov 2017

      3. Our immune system needs help

        My family and I have been taking the Aie/10 formula since 2002
        When I was first introduced to this formula. It's help us from my youngest grandchild to myself and my husband we are now senior citizens, I take it sublingual for faster absorption.
        on 8th Feb 2017

      4. Keeping my family's immune system healthy since 2002

        Cyto Ess strengths the immune system of my husband (especially with allergies), four children, five granddaughters and even our four dogs. Our granddaughters love it so much they take it right out of the capsule! We take it regularly for prevention and when others share their illnesses, we double up on Cyto Ess to fight it off...successfully!!! on 19th Nov 2016

      5. Just what the Doctor ordered

        My PSA levels were slightly high and all test came back normal. My Doctor recommended that I order this product many years ago and also include a D3 product with my other supplements and my levels have been normal ever since. Love it and will continue to take it the rest of my life. Thank you Jigsaw. on 25th Feb 2016