Candida: Overview, Symptoms, Causes, Natural Treatments, and Medicine

Candida, or Candidiasis, is caused by candida overgrowth. In its benign form and in smaller quantities, Candida is inside all of us – in the digestive tract, mouth, and throat – isn’t a health problem.  But candida can become too prevalent within the gut and change into its more virulent, fungal form.  This fungal form of candida produces rhizoids – barbed appendages that cut into tissue and can cause candida to spore through the intestinal wall.

Once Candida has turned virulent and has made it’s way through the intestinal wall, it produces a multitude of problems and symptoms.  One of the most prevalent is Leaky Gut Syndrome. Meaning that the irritation and sporing caused by candida, has made the intestinal wall too permeable, so that it actually leaks undigested food and toxins into the bloodstream.

While Candidiasis can be caused by a number of factors, and is typically the result of more than one cause, the recurrent use, or overuse, of antibiotics is often at least a contributing factor.  Antibiotics kill off many of the good intestinal flora that restrain candida growth. Allowed to grow unchecked, candida can then morphs into its fungal form and cause the problems and symptoms associated with Candidiasis.

You should also know that while candida overgrowth is not difficult to confirm through lab testing, an actual medical diagnosis of Candidiasis can be difficult to obtain, as mainstream medicine has not widely or fully recognized candida overgrowth as a health concern.

Your best course of alternative health treatments involves a combination of actively fighting the Candida Infection, re-establishing good intestinal flora within your gut, and helping your intestinal wall heal by removing irritants within your diet and ensuring better digestion of your food within your stomach. Better digestion can often be achieved through supplementation with digestive enzymes and/or Betain HCL & Pepsin.


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