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Current Episode

Episode 30: "Lance Dreher, PHD: Yoga Does Not Fix Tight Muscles" published Monday Nov 13

Previous Episodes

Episode 29: "4 Exercises to Improve Balance" published Monday Oct 30

Episode 28: "4 Exercises to Increase Core Strength" published Monday Oct 23

Episode 27: "3 Simple Exercises to Relieve Knee Pain" published Monday Oct 16

Episode 26: "3 Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Pain" published Monday Oct 9

Episode 25: "4 Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain" published Monday Oct 2

Episode 24: "Diabetes and Exercise" published Monday Sept 25

Episode 23: "Muscle Monday Returns 9/26" published Monday Sept 18

Episode 22: "Stiff Muscles in the Morning?" published Monday June 26

Episode 21: "Fitness Tips for the Baby Boomer Body" published Monday June 19

Episode 20: "Warm Ups and Cool Downs for Golfers" published Monday June 5

Episode 19: "Tips For Buying the Right Type of Athletic Shoe" published Monday May 22

Episode 18: "Desk-ercise!" published Monday May 15

Episode 17: "STOP Stretching. START Moving" published Monday May 8

Episode 16: "How To Fix Golfer's Elbow" published Monday May 1

Episode 15: "Biceps and Triceps Routine You Can Do At Home" published Monday April 24

Episode 14: "3 Exercises to Reduce Rotator Cuff Pain" published Monday April 17

Episode 13: "Stretching still not fixing Lower Back Pain? Try focusing on the Hips..." published Monday April 10

Episode 12: "3 Active Stretches for Hamstrings" published Monday April 3

Episode 11: "3 Simple Exercises you can do at Home with Exercise Bands" published Monday March 27

Episode 10: "Post-Workout Nutrition" published Monday March 20

Episode 9: "3 Ways to Fix your Squats" published Monday March 13

Episode 8: "3 Exercises to Reduce Knee Pain" published Monday March 6

Episode 7: "4 Exercises to Reduce Shoulder Pain" published Monday Feb 27

Episode 6: "3 Unique Fat Burning Foods (with Thomas and Amber DeLauer)" published Monday Feb 20

Episode 5: "4 CORE Exercises Everyone Should Be Doing" published Monday Feb 13

Episode 4: "3 Exercises to Correct the Anterior Pelvic Tilt" published Monday Feb 6

Episode 3: "Want Bigger Biceps? Change Your Grip" published Monday Jan 30

Episode 2: "Four Simple Exercises (You Can Do At Home) To Ease Lower Back ..." published Monday Jan 23

Episode 1: "Simple Sitting Test Predicts How Long You'll Live (w/ Lance Dreher PhD)" published Monday Jan 16


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