#FunnyFriday Videos

"Laughter is the best medicine...Magnesium is a close second." -Patrick Sullivan Jr. (Co-Founder & CEO of Jigsaw Health)

Background: One day, we made a funny video to entertain ourselves. We sent it to our friends and our customers. They laughed so hard milk snorted out their nose. Since then, the videos and the #FunnyFriday hashtag have been spreading like wildfire, with each new video typically receiving tens of thousands of views, hundreds of reactions, and dozens of shares.

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Current Episode

Episode 32: "Patrick Goes Full Braveheart for St. Patrick's Day" published Friday Mar 17

Previous Episodes

Episode 31: "TP Revenge" published Friday Mar 10

Episode 30: "Natural Woman" published Friday Mar 3

Episode 29: "Chick Food" published Friday Feb 24 at 7:05am and promptly removed at 7:09am. #LongStory

Video Not Available

Episode 28: "Gettin' Sporty @ The Office" published Friday Feb 17

Episode 27: "Muskrat" published Friday Feb 10

Episode 26: "Don't Interrupt Thomas DeLauer" published Friday Feb 3

Episode 25: "TP Grams" published Friday Jan 27

Episode 24: "Nap Time" published Friday Jan 20

Episode 23: "New Year's Resolutions, Day 13" published Friday Jan 13

Episode 22: "Detox Day" published Friday Jan 5

Episode 21: "CRUSH IT!" published Friday Dec 30

Episode 20: "We Recycle" published Friday Dec 23

Episode 19: "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree @ Jigsaw" published Friday Dec 15

Episode 18: "TP-2000 Duels" published Friday Dec 9

Episode 17: "9-ish to 5-ish" published Friday Dec 2

Episode 16: "Whistle While You Work" published Friday Nov 25

Episode 15: "What's with all the Toilet Paper?" published Friday Nov 18

Episode 14: "TP-2000 (feat. Natural Partners)" published Friday Nov 11

Episode 13: #Mannequin Challenge" also published on Friday Nov 11  (It's a two-fer!)

Episode 12: "The Zombie Apocalypse" published Friday Nov 4

Episode 11: "The Best Halloween Costume" published Friday Oct 28

Episode 10: "Laundry Day" published Friday Oct 21

Episode 9: "My Best Friend" published Friday Oct 14

Episode 8: "Training Day" published Friday Oct 7

Episode 7: "Patrick's Morning Routine" published Friday Sep 30

Episode 6: "The Last Roll" published Friday Sep 23

Episode 5: "The Yoga Practice" published on Friday Sep 16.

Episode 4: "The Long Weekend" published on Friday Sep 9.

Episode 3: "Cold Wars" published on Friday Sep 2. 

Episode 2: "The Electrolyte Chugging Contest" published on Friday Aug 19.

Episode 1: "Cupping Like Phelps" published on Friday Aug 12. (Watching the first edit of this video was the moment we realized it would be fun to make more funny videos, because even if we were the only ones laughing at ourselves, it'd still be really fun!)

Pilot 1: "11:30am Ritual" published June 29. Admittedly, like most pilots, it was pretty rough around the edges.



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