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What is Ketosis? | #AshWednesday

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In this recent #MuscleMonday video with two Jigsaw Advisory Board members, Thomas DeLauer (aka. "Mr. Mineral") and Lance Dreher, PhD. (aka. "Doctor Fitness"), the discussion briefly turned to Ketosis. 

There were a few comments on that video asking for more info, so Ashley asked Thomas for a simple answer to these two questions, "What is Ketosis, and how does it differ from The Atkins Diet?"

Thomas really can talk all day long about Ketosis. In fact, he created an online course for those wanting to learn how to start and maintain a healthy Ketogenic diet. You can purchase this at  Adaptive Body Boost by Thomas DeLauer

By the way, that's not an affiliate link... we don't make any money by referring you to Thomas. We're just happy to promote his excellent educational work!

And full disclosure: Thomas recommends Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT in this Ketogenic protocol...after all, it would be weird if he didn't. ;-)

Do you have any follow-up questions on Ketosis? Would you like us to go deeper? Please let us know in the comments section.

Transcript provided by Rev.com:

- Hi everybody, welcome back to another Ash Wednesday, and I am here with Thomas DeLauer, aka Mr. Mineral. And we are here to talk about ketosis today.

- Yes we are.

- In a recent Muscle Monday with Dr. Lance Dreher, you guys mentioned ketosis, and we had a couple people comment, saying, can you tell us more about this? So that's why we're here today, and this is just the guy to tell us a little bit more about it. Give us kind of the scoop on overall, in a nutshell, what is ketosis?

- Totally, so, ketosis is a dietary state where your body is utilizing fats for fuel. Basically, when you deprive yourself of glucose, or in this case, carbohydrates, right? Your liver starts to get conditioned to run on fats for fuel. So ketosis is ultimately the state of your body switching gears from utilizing carbohydrates as a primary fuel source to using fats as a primary fuel source.

- So, it's just a fat burning machine at that point.

- And you're eating lots of fatty foods that most often, people thought were bad for us,

- Right.

- And, you're eating a lot of protein, and you're not eating a lot of carbohydrates, so you're talking, you know, burgers, you're talking bacon, things like that.

- Without the bun, of course.

- Exactly.

- So this sounds an awful lot like the Atkins diet. Are they similar, are they different, are they same?

- Totally similar. So the interesting thing is, is, this is almost the Atkins diet, but really with some horsepower behind it. So it's like the Atkins diet wasn't quite as, almost, ambitious when it came to like, let's have a lot of fats in the diet, it was a little bit more so on the high protein, moderate fats side,

- Right.

- Whereas ketosis, pushes the limits a little bit more, adds a little bit more fat into the diet. But additionally, the Atkins diet really didn't have a lot of science way back when, it didn't have, had a lot more anecdotal science, it didn't have really any peer-reviewed stuff, pushing towards ketosis being powerful.

- And now it's everywhere.

- Now it's everywhere.

- Yeah.

- So that's really the main difference. But to be completely honest, in a nutshell, it's very very similar. There's just more science supporting it now, so it's becoming a little bit more popular, and we're able to dive a little bit deeper into how ketosis works within the body.

- And you did, you wrote a protocol of some sort, correct?

- I did.

- What's it called again?

- It's called The Adaptive Body Boost, and it's talking about,

- Okay.

- Kinda the process that your body goes through when you get into ketosis, 'cause it's a very, particular little system, you know? When you're getting your body conditioned to run on fats for fuel, there's like a one- or two-week period where it's a little bit rocky, trying to figure out what to do,

- Yeah.

- So yeah, I wrote a protocol that kinda describes that whole process.

- And magnesium plays a critical role in this, correct?

- It does, in fact, I include Jigsaw Magnesium in that protocol. And we can do another video talking a little bit more about that, but essentially, when you're in ketosis, it's very very critical that you're paying attention to your electrolytes, so magnesium becomes very important.

- Mm, okay. Well, this is all good information. Make a comment below if you want to hear more about this, we can definitely do more videos in the future covering ketosis, it's a very hot topic right now, and super interesting to me.

- Totally, I can talk for days about ketosis.

- Yes, he can. So, I hope you've enjoyed it. We'll see you next Wednesday.

- See you guys.

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