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Tips for Choosing the Best Magnesium Supplement

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Dr. Decker Weiss, NMD, FASA, Naturopathic Cardiologist

Written by: Dr. Decker Weiss, NMD, FASA, Naturopathic Cardiologist

There are a wide variety of forms of magnesium supplements available and here are some tips to help you choose the best form for your health. We’ll start by identifying the most popular forms:

Magnesium citrate is the most common magnesium supplement, probably because it is inexpensive and easily absorbed. Since citric acid is a mild laxative, magnesium citrate functions as a constipation aid as well as a magnesium source.1 However, some people may develop diarrhea as a side effect of consuming too much magnesium citrate as well as bloating, cramping or discomfort within the abdomen. 2

Magnesium oxide is another common form and it is found in many cheaper drugstore supplements, but it is non-chelated, poorly absorbed, and leads to a laxative effect when taken in higher doses.3 Other forms include magnesium chloride, magnesium lactate, and magnesium gluconate, which either cause diarrhea or contain too low of a dose of magnesium to be effective.4

Magnesium malate is a highly absorbable form, which helps combat symptoms of magnesium deficiency, including low energy, body aches, and leg cramps. Magnesium malate is formed when an ion of magnesium is attached to a molecule of malic acid, which is an organic compound found in fruits and vegetables. Malic acid is a vital component of enzymes that play a key role in ATP synthesis and energy production.5 Because of the malic acid, magnesium malate plays a vital role in supporting overall muscle performance.

The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for magnesium is 420 mg per day for men and 320 mg for women.6 For optimal health benefits, many doctors recommend a higher daily intake of at least 500 mg per day, but it can be difficult to absorb a higher dosage without experiencing stomach discomfort side effects. One solution for increasing your magnesium intake without digestive side effects is to take a sustained release magnesium supplement. Instead of magnesium being dumped into your system all once, sustained release magnesium supplements slow down the release of magnesium over several hours allowing maximum absorption without the laxative side effect.

To learn more about choosing the right magnesium supplement for maximum absorption and effectiveness without the digestive discomfort that comes with many cheap forms of magnesium, visit Jigsaw Health to read about their proprietary formula, Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT®.

Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT® uses a premium form, Dimagnesium Malate (2 ions of magnesium bound to malic acid), and includes Sustained Release Technology (SRT) to slow down the release of magnesium over 6-8 hours to ensure maximum health benefits with better absorption while avoiding the dreaded digestive side effects. Featured in the Natural Medicine Buyers Guide and recommended by top natural health doctors, including Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D., learn more about award-winning Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT®.


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