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Current Episode

Episode 28: "The Importance of Electrolytes for the Aging Body" published Wednesday May 21

Previous Episodes

Episode 27: "Berry-Licious Electrolyte Supreme™ The Origin Story" published Wednesday May 14

Episode 26: "What Makes Jigsaw Pureway-C + Lysine Different?" published Wednesday May 31

Episode 25: "4 Ways to Absorb Magnesium" published Wednesday May 24

Episode 24: "Do Animals Need Magnesium?" published Wednesday May 17

Episode 23: "Low Carb Shepherd's Pie" published Wednesday May 10

Episode 22: "Chia Pudding – Superfood Recipes" published Wednesday May 3

Episode 21: "Scent Free Magnesium Lotion" published Wednesday April 25

Episode 20: "Magnesium Lotion Comparison" published Wednesday April 19

Episode 19: "Do Kids Need Magnesium Supplements?" published Wednesday April 12

Episode 18: "Ash Asks Morley..." published Wednesday April 5

Episode 17: "What is Ketosis?" published Wednesday March 28

Episode 16: "I Have Learned..." published Wednesday March 21

Episode 15: "Do Horses Need Magnesium?" published Wednesday March 14

Episode 14: "Why Dr. Emily Parke Uses Curcumin" published Wednesday March 7

Episode 13: "Mixed Up About Mixed Nuts?" published Wednesday Feb 28

Episode 12: "Can we get enough Magnesium from Food?" published Wednesday Feb 21

Episode 11: "Dr. Decker Weiss | Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT Clinical Trial" published Wednesday Feb 14

Episode 10: "Do Pregnant Women Need Extra Magnesium?" published Wednesday Feb 7

Episode 9: "Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme™ is NSF Certified for Sport" published Wednesday Jan 31

Episode 8: "How Thomas DeLauer became 'Mr. Mineral'" published Wednesday Jan 24

Episode 7: "Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme Origin Story (w/ Co-Founder Pat Sullivan)" published Wednesday Jan 18

Episode 6: "Do Kids Need Magnesium Supplements (w/ Morley Robbins)" published Wednesday Jan 11

Episode 5: "Jigsaw's 5 Step Quality Control Process" published on Wednesday Jan 4.

Episode 4: "How Much Magnesium Should I Take? (w/ Morley Robbins)" published on Wednesday Dec 28.

Episode 3: "Jigsaw MagNow Origin Story (w/ CEO Patrick Sullivan Jr.)" published on Wednesday Dec 21. 

Episode 2: "Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT® The Origin Story (w/ Co-Founder Pat Sullivan)" published on Wednesday Dec 14.

Episode 1: "What is Magnesium? Why do we need it? (w/ Morley Robbins)" published on Wednesday Dec 14.



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