Founding Principles and Beliefs

Every company starts as a vision of one or a handful of people. These are the founding principles that guide Pat Sullivan and Patrick Sullivan Jr.

1. Chronic conditions rarely have just one cause.

Chronic health issues may be the result of a genetic predisposition, nutritional deficiencies, overuse of antibiotics, chronic infections, exposure to heavy metals, mold or hormone imbalances. Or it may be a combination of these. We’re here to help you identify the causes so you can identify the ways to start feeling better.

2. Overcoming chronic recurrent conditions generally requires a balanced, multi-faceted approach.

There is no "magic bullet." Prevailing over chronic conditions requires persistence, patience, and a passion to feel better. We’re here to help you and your healthcare professional design a therapeutic treatment plan and a regimented maintenance program that gets you moving toward better health and wellness.

3. Nutritional foods and supplements are necessary for optimal health.

Today, much of the food supply in the U.S. has been injected, sprayed, processed, and over-cooked. The result is artificial food tainted with toxins and stripped of any real nutrients. We are, in a sense, starving ourselves. And we wonder why, in this land of plenty, our levels of obesity, and more have risen far above those of other countries. We’re here to help you get the nutrients you need to live a quality life.

4. It shouldn’t cost so much to feel better.

Drugs are prescribed without a complete understanding of nutrient depletion, underlying causes, and side effects. Supplements are often marketed as “miracle cures”—full of ingredients you don’t need or suggested dosages at much higher or lower levels than you need. We won’t discount your health the way that most companies do. We’re here to deliver the best value for you—with superior, well-researched supplements that can help you feel better at a reasonable price. Learn more about Jigsaw Health Dietary Supplements

5. Our bodies are very complex, but completely interrelated.

Each major system of the body (gastrointestinal, neuro, etc.) depends on the healthy functioning of the other systems to attain and maintain optimal health and wellness. If one system is compromised, other systems can break down, too. We’re here with information that can help you understand these dependencies and learn how to keep your systems functioning properly.

6. God created our bodies.

We believe that God created the human body. And we believe that He also created the nutrients necessary to serve and nourish our bodies. Treating your body with the care and concern it deserves can be a big step toward feeling better.

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