Wellness Piece by Piece

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    What Is This Book About?

    In Wellness Piece by Piece, Pat Sullivan (co-founder of Jigsaw Health) openly discusses his own 30-year struggle with chronic conditions. Though he is not a doctor, Sullivan has become an expert on many chronic conditions in his search for answers. Writing from the layman's perspective, Sullivan skillfully blends science, research, and personal experience.

    More than 125 million Americans suffer with chronic illness, and at least half of those suffer from multiple chronic illnesses. With each page, you can feel Sullivan’s passion and empathy for every one of these people.

    While wrestling with Mercury Toxicity (from dental amalgams), Candidiasis, and Chronic Fatigue, Irritable Bowel, and Adrenal Fatigue Syndromes, Sullivan discovered various pieces to his puzzle, a powerful metaphor used throughout the book. His motivation to find these pieces came from, as he states, “a deep-seated belief in cause and effect...if there is an effect, there MUST be a cause!”

    As Sullivan shares the discoveries that have helped him feel better — practicing proper nutrition, detoxifying mercury, balancing hormones, clearing infections and more — you will find hope, along with practical advice, to begin solving your own chronic health puzzle.

    Pat Sullivan's Wellness Piece by Piece is a quick, exciting and insightful read for anyone suffering from chronic conditions who wants to start feeling better.


    "It was a pleasure to read Wellness Piece by Piece, by Pat Sullivan. My medical practice is devoted to treatment of illnesses characterized by multiple symptoms, especially chronic fatigue. A large part of that practice involves research into the underlying physiologic disturbances that cause the chronic illness. By simply reading Pat's excellent overview of "what is out there," patients and physicians alike can begin to sort out what approaches to illness make sense for their own cases.

    More than being just a compendium of good ideas from caring professionals, Wellness Piece by Piece is a reflection of an attitude I salute: we are all searching for answers and all of us have something important to add. We can all learn by listening, keeping in mind that each of us has something worthwhile to say.

    My experience with Pat supports the idea that he is putting pieces together like few others have. Wellness sits in a prominent location on my bookshelf and probably should be on yours as well."
    Ritchie C. Shoemaker MD, Pocomoke, MD
    Author of Mold Warriors and Lose the Weight you Hate

    "It is said that the greatest teacher is experience. This is especially true in the case of those suffering from chronic undiagnosed disorders. Often, traditional medicine is of little help. Pat Sullivan not only tells of his personal journey to health, he also outlines one of the most common sense programs for working out your own chronic health problems ever presented. He compares this to a jigsaw puzzle, in which the addition of each piece gives us a clearer picture of our whole health and wellbeing needs. I strongly recommend this valuable book to all those interested in getting their life back."
    Russell L. Blaylock MD, Ridgeland, MS
    Author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills

    “Pat Sullivan is an advocate of the philosophy that all individuals have the opportunity to create their own health rather than succumb to the current conventional avenues for chronic illness that are often paved with a series of prescription medications and little hope.”
    Ann L. Manby NMD, Scottsdale, AZ

    "Pat Sullivan is a successful entrepreneur who became debilitated by chronic illness and faced the truth that nine-tenths of our happiness is determined by our health alone. As a result, in a thorough, entrepreneurial fashion he has explored the jigsaw puzzle of health. In Wellness Piece by Piece he takes the reader along with him on this journey. With a sharp eye to the facts of the matter he finds that the path to good health is within our control, and that it lies outside the realm of conventional medicine. This book should be read not only by people who suffer from chronic illness, but also by those seeking to achieve optimum health. After reading it I, among other things, will install a Far Infra Red sauna at home for my family and me to use."
    Donald W. Miller Jr. MD
    Professor of Surgery, University of Washington School of Medicine.

    "I struggled for more than ten years with fatigue and an unexplained blood loss. I explored every option I could find. The process was frustrating, baffling and at times despairing. The good news is that one of the “experiments” I tried worked. My symptoms disappeared three days before I was scheduled for radical stomach surgery. “Wellness Piece by Piece” answered many the unexplained questions I was left with. The doctors I went to followed a checklist process. I wish they had understood the jigsaw journey that Pat talks about. I’m excited now because I can change that with Pat’s book and I’m giving copies to my current doctors and urging they read it."
    Rex Miller, Book Author

    "I think "Wellness Piece by Piece" is well written and easy to read. It is encouraging for people with chronic illnesses and is a great resource to have in addition to a physician's advice!"
    Carolyn Dohrenwend, Consumers for Dental Choice

    "This is an interesting, thought provoking look into one person's struggle to find answers to nagging and common chronic health problems. It is very easy reading and reveals the author's thorough research of various health treaments, traditional and non-traditional. The author reveals a compasion and sensitivity towards the subject that lets the reader identify with him. He clearly discloses numerous times that he is not a medical professional, but rather a lay person with lots of experience. His 'been there done that' approach without formal training provides the confidence many need to ask questions of their physicians. It certainly prompted me to question my physician about various treatments."
    J. Joines, Illinois

    "I commend Pat Sullivan's "Wellness Piece by Piece", to every person whose life or family is affected by chronic illness, or who wants to join in the fight to abolish its root causes. Pat's chapter on mercury [Chapter 9] provides a remarkable education for every parent and every health care consumer -- concise, informative, and 100% correct. Mercury is a neurotoxin that can cause permanent brain damage to fetuses and children. Its major source is -- no, not fish -- but mercury amalgam fillings. The cover-up by the American Dental Association, such as miscalling the fillings silver and imposing a gag rule now under challenge in the California Supreme Court, is one of the major health disasters of all time."
    Charles G. Brown
    National Counsel, Consumers for Dental Choice

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    1 Review

    Nevadamistermom 23rd Jan 2015

    I recommend the book to anyone struggling with chronic health problems.

    There are many, many alternatives out there for supplements, vitamins, and health products. I stumbled across Jigsaw Health when searching for a product on the web, and really had no idea of their overall health philosophy - nor did I particularly care. They simply had the best price on the product I wanted, and so began my relationship with Jigsaw as a customer.

    Several months later, I was perusing their site, and out of curiosity, began reading Pat's blogs. It quickly became apparent that here was a man who had a world view similar to my own, chronic health problems similar to my own, disappointing experiences with "traditional" medicine that were largely similar to my own, and an overall health philosophy similar to my own. It was then that I realized he had launched Jigsaw as basically the fruit of his own health ordeals as a way to help others with products he himself had tested. I really enjoyed his little personal testimonial videos for each product, explaining what it was, how it worked, and why he felt Jigsaw's offering was superior. I felt I was being given information, not a marketing spiel. Pat is a very personable, believable individual, and I believe his motivation is truly to help people. The truth is, he already made his fortune elsewhere (in the software world), so it is very difficult to accuse him of being in this business solely - or even primarily - for the money.

    As part of a promotion, I downloaded the book for free, and read it in a single sitting. It was written in a very conversational, approachable style. Without understanding Pat's full journey of health issues, as well as his recovery, it really isn't possible to fully "get" what Jigsaw is all about. If for no other reason than better understanding the philosophy of this company, I recommend you get the book.

    After reading the PDF version that I downloaded, I immediately ordered a hardcopy to send as a gift to a friend because there were many things addressed in the book that I felt paralleled her own experiences and would prove helpful and encouraging to her.

    There were several things I enjoyed about this book:

    - Pat discusses the EMOTIONAL AND SPIRITUAL impact of chronic health problems, not just the physical. These aspects are almost completely ignored by conventional medicine, yet they are such a huge part of ongoing illnesses. Eventually, they grind down not just your body, but your spirit as well. There were parts of the book where I wept because I could identify so completely with what Pat has been through.

    - Pat has been blessed financially more than most people, due to his business acumen and entrepreneurial efforts with ACT! Software. This financial freedom allowed him to explore many, many medical alternatives when looking for answers to his own health problems that would not be realistic for most of the rest of us without taking out a second mortgage. Pat essentially spent his own money to be able to tell the rest of us what works, and what doesn't. To me, the book ended up delivering an experience that was a bit like "consumer reports" for chronic illness remedies. Admittedly, it was anecdotal, based on one person's experiences (Pat's). But I still found it helpful, and because several of his experiences and findings were identical to my own, I found that Pat very quickly established credibility with me.

    - Most health books I have read have a "silver bullet" approach. Take this ONE supplement, or do this ONE exercise, or follow this ONE diet, or whatever, and your problems will magically resolve - guaranteed! Pat's book is far more realistic. His path to wellness is presented as a journey, not an event - and I think most of us intuitively know that this is the way health works. We didn't get chronically ill in a day, and we won't recover in a day.

    - Because Pat doesn't purport to be an expert - just a layman like the rest of us - it tends to build, rather than diminish, his credibility with the reader. He's just a regular guy telling it like it is. He has no particular ulterior motive that I could discern other than genuinely wanting to help and encourage people by sharing his own experiences. Everything Pat talks about in the book involves either stopping the introduction of something harmful into your body, or introducing things into your body that can be purchased in a number of places. It wasn't as though he was selling some kind of proprietary blend of 11 herbs and spices that only he could provide for $99.95 + shipping/handling.

    In conclusion, I recommend the book to anyone struggling with chronic health problems. Just like Pat titled it "Piece by Piece," I believe most readers will find in this book at least one or two pieces (and probably many more) that help them in their own journey towards freedom from chronic unwellness.

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