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    Product Description


    A Natural Antioxidant That Supports The Immune System In Amazing Ways

    • Because powdered forms of curcumin can be limited, our 95% curcuminoid compound dissolves in medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) and extra-virgin olive oil to increase bioavailability and absorption. 
    • Curcumin is derived from turmeric, a culinary spice, and is one of nature's antioxidants.*

    What can Curcumin Help Me With?

    • Maintain cellular health and function*
    • Support healthy response to stress*
    • Support the immune system*
    • Promote mental clarity and focus*
    • Support memory and retention*

    Why are MCTs and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Included?

    Curcumin is not readily absorbable in its natural form. However, Jigsaw Health provides Curcumin mixed with Medium Chain Triglycerides (or MCTs for short) and extra virgin olive oil to increase absorption. The MCTs and extra virgin olive oil are what helps the curcumin dissolve, making this 95% curcuminoid form highly bioavailable.

    How Does Curcumin Help My Health?

    Curcumin is especially notable for its antioxidant support and for its affects on the activity of the NF-kB protein. Jigsaw Health’s curcumin can support healthy cellular maintenance as well as support the function of the immune system.




    Active Ingredient: Curcumin Extract (as 95% curcuminoids)

    Suggested Use: Take 1 to 2 softgels daily. Or use as directed by your healthcare professional.

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    8 Reviews

    23rd Mar 2018

    Highly recommend this product!

    I highly recommend this Curcumin from Jigsaw. I've tried other brands but none seem to compare. The softgels glide beautifully down the throat; super easy to take!

    Carole K. 3rd Jan 2018

    Curcumin is great for my joints!

    I have been using curcumin for almost a year. I started using curcumin because I was told that it was good for it's anti-inflammatory properties. I am still using because I am sure that it is good!

    In the past, I noticed that I had constant inflammation in of my shoulder, knee, hip, and ankle on left only.

    Recently, I was out of curcumin, and noticed that all my usual achy joints. When I resumed taking my curcuminn supplement, I felt much better!

    I love JH curcumin!

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