Desiccated Liver

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    Product Description

    Desiccated Beef Liver is included in The Root Cause Protocol (RCP) Phase 2 Kit, available as a bundle for a discount, approved by Morley Robbins, (aka. “Magnesium Man”), the creator of The Root Cause Protocol.

    Where Does This Product Come From?

    Perfect Desiccated Liver is obtained solely from healthy, free range cows that feed exclusively on rapidly growing green grass that sprout from rich Argentinean soil.  Perfect Cows are raised entirely free of hormones and are untouched by antibiotics, chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  Perfect Desiccated Liver is an undefatted natural source of high quality protein, amino acids, vitamin A, B vitamins, and iron.*  

    Jigsaw's RCP Phase 2 Kit includes:

    Greenbow Organic Bee Pollen

    NOW Rice Bran

    Desiccated Beef Liver (2)




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    1 Review

    Brian Daniel 24th Jan 2019

    Dessicated liver--

    So who gets enough liver or offal in their diets? The liver I want doesn't come from CAFOS, so this product gives the benefits of liver without prep work and comes from grass-fed beef w/o anything added.

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