Aussie Trace Minerals

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    Product Description

    Aussie Trace Minerals is included in the Root Cause Protocol (RCP) Phase 1 Kit, discounted as a bundle, approved by Morley Robbins, (aka. “Magnesium Man”), the creator of The Root Cause Protocol.  

    Why Do We Need Trace Minerals?

    Overworked farming grounds and food processing has led to a severe decline in the levels of vital minerals in our food, resulting in a deficiency of minerals in our bodies.  Organic foods and even our drinking water is not exempt from this mineral depletion.  Water filtering and purification is excellent for removing harmful chemicals and heavy metals from our water, but it also filters out a lot of those vital minerals as well.

    Where Do The Minerals Come From?

    Aussie Trace Minerals is made from ocean water, and nothing else.  Ocean water is extremely rich in natural minerals, and is a wonderful source to replenish the depleted minerals in our bodies.  In a closely guarded, pristine location off the Great Barrier Reef, ocean water is collected in specifically designed ponds.  In these ponds, the water evaporates, and thus concentrates.  Sodium chloride crystalizes and separates, and then is easily removed.  When 100 gallons of ocean water has evaporated into 1 gallon, it is then shipped to a facility where it undergoes a special process to ensure efficacy and suitability for human consumption.  So when you're taking one serving size of 1/2 tsp, you're getting the same amount of minerals found in 50 teaspoons (over 8 oz) of ocean water!

    Ways to Take It

    We're not going to lie to you, because of the amount of trace elements and micro minerals, this stuff tastes terrible.  But here are some fabulous suggestions for ways you can take it, without having to taste it.

    • Put it in your soup
    • Add it to hot tea, coffee, or other hot drinks
    • Add it to any cold drink, like juice or cold tea
    • Include it in your cooking
    • Mix it in the dough of your baked goods before baking
    • Put one serving in a gallon of water, and drink it throughout the day to give your body a consistent spoon feeding of minerals.

    If you want, you can also take it like a shot, and rinse it down with something else.  The taste, unlike other mineral supplements, goes away immediately.

    If you grow your own fruits or vegetables, you can add it to the soil, and your plants will eat it up!  That's also a great way to get extra minerals in your body.


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    Aussie Trace Minerals









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