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    ( 2 Reviews )

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    Product Description



    Who can benefit from Jigsaw MagPure™ Malate?

    MagPure™ Malate delivers 100 mg of pure elemental magnesium malate per capsule using minimal other ingredients and utilizes the highly bioavailable form, Dimagnesium Malate, exclusively from Albion Labs.*We specifically designed this Magnesium supplement for those who want Magnesium and nothing else.  That's why we called it MagPure™.

    The only other ingredients are the vegetable capsule and L-leucine.

    L-leucine is an essential amino acid that has a natural slipperiness to it. Because of this, we're able to use it as an anti-caking agent during the manufacturing process, as opposed to stearate or stearic acid.  So not only does L-Leucine keep the capsulation machines from "gunking" up, you're also providing your body with an "essential" amino acid, meaning you must obtain it through your diet. 

    What's the difference between MagPure™ Malate and MagPure™ Glycinate?

    We have two products in the MagPure™ line: Magnesium Malate & Magnesium Glycinate.

    Malate is typically best taken in the morning because of it's energizing effects, while Glycinate is typically best taken in the evening for its calming effects.

    What's the difference between Mag w/SRT® and MagPure™ products?

    Our top-rated, best-selling Magnesium w/SRT has B-Vitamins and 3 different forms of plant-fiber that make up the SRT (Sustained Released Technology). This timed-release technology means that the tablet breaks down slowly over time as it travels through your GI tract so you can take large doses without the typical laxative effect that can occur with non-timed release Magnesium supplements.  

    The Jigsaw MagPure™ product line was designed for those who only want Magnesium, and prefer to manually control their own dosage.




    Active Ingredients: Magnesium (as Albion Dimagnesium Malate).

    The malate form of magnesium is 85% absorbable.

    Suggested Use: As dietary supplement, take 1 capsule per day with food. Or use as directed by your health care professional.

    Please Note: If you are currently being treated for kidney disease, please consult your healthcare professional before taking any magnesium supplement as magnesium toxicity can occur in those with kidney disease.

    Jigsaw MagPure™ Malate is:

    • GMO Free
    • Gluten Free
    • Soy Free
    • Dairy Free
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    2 Reviews

    13th Sep 2017

    Magpure Malate

    I take this sublingually - just cut the top off the capsule and take half morning and half pm under my tongue. This works very well for me as I have a very sensitive gut. Lots more energy, less muscle pain, no gut problems. A big plus for me. 10/10. Thank you Jigsaw.

    Mary 15th Jun 2017

    Doctor recommended

    My husband's magnesium level was below .5 when he was admitted to the hospital. It took several days to get that level up where it belonged along with other levels that were low. On being released from the hospital the levels started to go down again. The doctor recommended this supplement and today we received the news that his levels are almost normal again.

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