What is CoQ10? | #AshWednesday

Lance Dreher, PhD (aka "Dr. Fitness") discusses what CoQ10 is and why he takes Jigsaw CoQ10 w/SRT® on the latest #AshWednesday

CoQ10 w/SRT® utilizes MicroActive® CoQ10 and is clinically shown for: Superior bioavailability, 24-hour time release, Universally enhanced absorption in all users

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- Hi everybody. Today I am here with Dr. Fitness to talk about CoQ10. Lance, what is CoQ10?

- [Lance] CoQ10 is a coenzyme.

- [Ashley] Okay.

- [Lance] That the body needs to make energy at the call level. A lot of people have heard of CoQ10 because of that heart, alright. And because when people take Statin Drugs it depletes CoQ10 and the heart has a more difficult time making energy. And what we mean by energy, is we mean the production of something called ATP cause that's the energy the cells make. And CoQ10 is very efficient at doing that.

- [Ashley] Okay, so if you don't have enough CoQ10 coenzymes in your body then the cells start to die off.

- [Lance] Yeah, and think of it this way, hold your breath a while. After a while, you become short, you start to struggle, you start to panic to take in oxygen, for what reason? To make energy, right?

- [Ashley] Yeah, especially for your heart.

- [Lance] Well so, if you are deficient in CoQ10 the body has a more difficult time making energy so it's like strangling the cells, literally.

- [Ashley] So, why would people need to supplement with CoQ10?

- [Lance] One of the reasons is because the soil is depleted so we don't get good nutrition in the soil as it is from the food that we eat and, secondly, the America diet is so bad. Even a person who, what they think, on a healthy diet eats a lot of processed foods.

- [Ashley] Right.

- [Lance] So, it's depleted, the foods are depleted. So, if you don't supplement the diet with things like CoQ10 with SRT, then we have more difficult time making energy and of course we set ourselves up for getting sick.

- [Ashley] So, speaking of CoQ10 with SRT, why do you take Jigsaw CoQ10 with SRT?

- [Lance] When you have something like CoQ10 with SRT, Jigsaw's form, then it absorbs slower, like a time release, like a drip so you get more absorption, more utilization of that coenzyme.

- [Ashley] Right and with the SRT which is, sustained release technology, this will actually stay in you system for up to 24 hours.

- [Lance] Yes, right. So you're going to get more utilization of it.

- [Ashley] Right, okay. And you have to take less pills.

- [Lance] Saves you money.

- [Ashley] Yeah, exactly. Well, if you want to keep yourselves young, take Jigsaw CoQ10 with SRT. You can find that at JigsawHealth.com Thank you so much.

- Thank you.

- We'll see you soon.

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