Sleep Better. Period.

Sleep Better. Period.

Did you know serotonin levels play a pivotal role in the modulation of the sleep/wake cycle?

Serotonin is one of the most important "brain chemicals", or neurotransmitters, that serves many purposes throughout your body -- including the support of restful sleep.

Serotonin levels in the body vary by person and are affected by genetics, diet, drugs, stress, and vitamin/mineral deficiencies.

One way you can support the production of serotonin in your body is by taking a 5-HTP supplement...

5-HTP (L-5-Hydroxytryptophan) is a natural compound that increases the synthesis of serotonin in your body. Therefore, 5-HTP supplements have become increasingly popular to support healthy sleep patterns.

Give it a try... if it doesn't work for you, just call us and you'll get a full refund -- including the shipping cost. :)

What customers are saying about Jigsaw 5-HTP w/SRT...

"My wife's only been using 5-HTP for 3 days, but already notices a big difference in the soundness of her sleep. Sleeping better with little or no "activity" during the night. She is waking up refreshed and more energetic. I attribute much of this to adding 5-HTP to the existing supplements she's been using. Big difference! Kind of like the missing piece of the puzzle. Our experience with 5-HTP has been very positive. Has given us an extra measure of control over my wife's sleeplessness. Just what we needed! Thank you Jigsaw!!"

"Using 5-HTP helps me relax to get to sleep and stay asleep the entire night. If I use another brand of HTP I go to sleep but cannot sleep through the night."
~Sherri Z.

"5-HTP was recommended by my doctor. I like timed release and it was getting hard to find locally. I was so happy with Jigsaw Magnesium, I tried Jigsaw 5-HTP. I am equally pleased. Works great. I find that100mg of Jigsaw is as effective as the 200mg of the brand my Dr. recommended! I love this product!"

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Team Jigsaw

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