Ending Back Pain With the Help of Magnesium

The Healthy Back Institute'’s successful method for healing back pain rests on a simple foundation: Correct imbalances.Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT

As thousands of their clients testify, by simply correcting muscular imbalances you can heal your back pain.

Well, there’'s another imbalance that, when corrected, can promote healthy relaxed muscle tone and function. 

It’'s the imbalance of two of your body'’s most essential minerals – calcium and magnesium.

Conventional pain-relief medications to a large extent just attack the symptoms. They leave the real problem untouched and move your body further out of whack.

In contrast, when you restore these two minerals to an optimum ratio by supplementing with the natural mineral magnesium, you restore your body'’s mineral balance. 

Calcium and Magnesium: A Delicately Balanced Partnership

Calcium and magnesium have a special complementary partnership in the body. Specifically with muscles, calcium causes muscles to contract and magnesium causes them to relax.

If there is too much calcium in your body – or not enough magnesium to balance out the calcium – your muscles cannot relax. They stay contracted or cramped.1

These contracted muscles - or spasms or knots -– are one of the major sources of back pain.

Too much calcium . . . not enough magnesium

Calcium has gained star status when it comes to supplements. On a daily basis, food labels and health literature remind us to get enough calcium.

What you don'’t see much of is reminders to get enough magnesium.

But according to current research, American adults are woefully low on magnesium. The National Academy of Sciences found that on average, men only get about 80% of the Recommended Daily Intake of magnesium and women only get about 70%.2

Why don'’t we get enough? Current farming practices and food processing has stripped our food supply of magnesium. Even worse, not only are we getting less magnesium in our diet than we need, but we’'re also getting too much calcium -– throwing the balance off even more. 3

Our ancestors’ Paleolithic diet included calcium and magnesium in a ratio of 1:1. Today’'s modern diet has a calcium to magnesium ratio of anywhere from 5:1 to 15:1! And that excess calcium binds up our precious magnesium and leaves our body even more shortchanged when it comes to magnesium. 4

With no magnesium available, our muscles can'’t relax.

Magnesium deficiency causes muscle cramping in two additional ways:

  1. Without enough magnesium, our body cannot make enough energy to feed our muscles. And, contrary to what you might think, energy-depleted muscles contract, rather than relax. (Think of the rigor mortis of death).5
  2. Magnesium also balances out calcium to calm nerve cells and to stop them from firing off pain signals.6

How To Get the Magnesium You Need

Eating whole grains, seeds, nuts, leafy greens and beans brings magnesium into your diet.

But even with the best diet, it'’s still hard to get enough magnesium. Supplementing can help. Jigsaw Health’'s Magnesium w/SRT (Sustained Release Technology) is formulated for maximum absorption. And unlike many other magnesium supplements, it avoids diarrhea.

See how Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT stacks up against other magnesium supplements.

What are Customers Saying?

"My husband was out working on our mower yesterday in a bent-over position for a long period of time trying to pull on a part that he needed to get out. Last night he said that he was somewhat sore, his back was a little sore and some muscles were a little sore. But this morning he woke up and no more soreness. Normally, he wouldn't have been able to do that type of work. If he had tried, his back would be out today. He even stated to me that his muscles felt hard today like he had been working out. He said, "Someone needs to shout this from the rooftops about this magnesium we're taking!" - Tiza

"Everything is great, thank you. One of the main reasons I ordered the magnesium was acute back pain, which has been significantly reduced of late. I think the combination of the magnesium and yoga has been the trick. Thanks for checking." - Jennifer

"I like the magnesium. Less neck tension, better sleep, calmer during the day with less anger. Guess I needed it." - Nick

"I am a big fan. The Magnesium has helped significantly. As a matter of fact I told my MD and Physical Therapist about it. The Magnesium resolved my muscle issue." - Judy

"I have had years of constant muscle pain, joint pain, and inability to move without pain. I found the JigsawHealth site mentioned during a health letter I receive from Dr Blaylock. I received my first shipment of product two months ago. Within a week I had ordered additional magnesium. I have done much additional research on magnesium and cannot believe the benefits one receives from this miracle mineral. I order enough now to insure that I am never without it. The time release feature of this product is wonderful. I am now telling everyone I know of the benefits of magnesium. Wonderful!!! I can't say enough!!!" - Larry

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