What is the Difference between MagSRT® and MagPure™ Brain Boost?

What are the 2 key differences between MagSRT® and MagPure™ Brain Boost?

1. Delivery System:

MagSRT is made with Sustained Release Technology to slowly release the magnesium over 8 hours.*

MagPure Brain Boost is designed to quickly release the magnesium into your bloodstream to fuel your brain.*

2. Magnesium Form:

MagSRT contains Dimagnesium Malate which is magnesium bound with Malic Acid which is critical for the Energy Production Cycle.*

MagPure Brain Boost features Magnesium L-Threonate which is specifically designed to support brain health.*

Although these two forms and different, they are complimentary and designed to be taken together.

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