What are the Pro Resolving Mediators (PRMs) found in Alaskan Cod Liver Oil? With Dr. Jeffrey Bland

Jigsaw Alaskan Cod Liver Oil contains an incredibly interesting nutrient called, Pro-Resolving Mediators, which is a long, confusing name so, let’s just call them “PRMs” :)

PRMs are a new discovery and they are particularly important for immune health.*

PRMs are naturally present in your white blood cells (which fight infection), and also in mother's breast milk (which builds immunity in newborns).*

This special substance works in combination with the other naturally occurring nutrients: Omega-3s, Vitamin A, and Vitamin D...

And, Alaskan Cod Liver Oil is the only type of fish oil that provides this unique composition of nutrients.*

Today, we give you behind the scenes access to hear how Dr. Jeffrey Bland discovered the PRMs found in Alaskan Cod Liver Oil.

It is an absolute honor to partner with Dr. Jeffrey Bland and his team to offer the Jigsaw family an innovative Alaskan Cod Liver Oil.

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