Vitamin C supplements go far beyond immune support...

Vitamin C supplements have long been praised for their ability to support immune system response. But that's not all they are good for...

Here's 10 more ways you can benefit from vitamin C supplements:

  1. Build and strengthen collagen to provide essential support for the blood vessels, arteries, ligaments, bones, gums, and teeth.*
  2. Support healthy metabolism and energy production by making carnitine -- the amino acid responsible for transporting fat to mitochondria for conversion to energy.*
  3. Promote brain and eye (retina) health.*
  4. Maintain healthy heart function and overall cardiovascular health.*
  5. Support arterial health.*
  6. Regenerate other antioxidants like Vitamin E and CoQ10.*
  7. Neutralize oxidative damage caused by free radicals and protect cells from wear and tear.*
  8. Support artery and blood vessel flexibility.*
  9. Promote adrenal gland function, which uses large amounts of Vitamin C, to support the body's healthy stress response.*
  10. Support production of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter critical to brain functionthat's known to affect mood.*

It's easy to see the importance of vitamin C supplements, especially since -- unlike most mammals -- humans do not have the ability to manufacture their own vitamin C, therefore vitamin C must come from the diet.

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