The once-a-day vitamin, debunked...

You're aware of the need to supplement with vitamins and minerals to help counter balance every day stressors, environmental chemicals and toxins, and most importantly, the lack of nutrients present in modern day food (even fresh fruits and vegetables).

However, there's no "silver bullet" pill. Here's 3 caveats to remember about once-a-day multivitamins...

  1. Inactive, cheap ingredients - Inactive forms of vitamins are poorly absorbed by your body because they must be converted/activated by your liver before they can be utilized. Many manufacturers use inactive forms because they are cheap and easy to attain.
  2. Insufficient quantities - Multivitamins have so many vitamins packed into one small pill that the quantities of each are minuscule (especially magnesium).
  3. Undigestible - Each pill is tightly packed with ingredients to the extent that it makes the pills hard for your body to break down.

Additionally, each nutrient absorbs better using specific delivery mechanisms -- such as fish oil in a soft gel, magnesium in a tablet that includes Jigsaw proprietary Sustained Release Technology, or probiotics in a capsule.

That's why we offer convenient daily essential vitamin packets in ourJigsaw Basic™, Jigsaw Complete™, and Jigsaw Ultimate™.
Simply put, each product provides a 30-day supply of essential daily packets containing a varying degree of nutrients and quantities...

Jigsaw Basic™ provides the minimum, core daily essentials in a once-a-day packet.

Jigsaw Complete™ takes it one step further by providing a broader spectrum of essential daily vitamins in 2 easy, on-the-go packets; one in the AM and one in the PM.

Jigsaw Ultimate™ is... well, ultimate. Jigsaw Ultimate™ includes everything in the Jigsaw Complete™ PLUS: Probiotics, Curcumin, & CoQ10 plus additional Vitamin C & Fish Oil in 2 easy, on-the-go daily packets.

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