The Jigsaw Ultimate™ Origin Story | #AshWednesday

Multi-vitamins: Better than Nothing, but almost Nothing. 

Pat Sullivan, Co-Founder of Jigsaw Health explains the origin story behind  Jigsaw Ultimate™ on the latest #AshWednesday 

Jigsaw Ultimate™ – all the essentials, all in one place. Now with New & Improved Daily Packets:

-Hi everybody, I'm Ashley Leroux.  And today I'm here with Pat Sullivan, co-founder of Jigsaw Health to discuss Jigsaw Ultimate™.  Pat, tell us why you're so excited about this product.

-Well, I'm excited about it because it takes everything that I consider the most important for me to feel the best I can, and it puts it in one convenient package.  Now I used to get all my bottles out, and I would make up little baggies and carry them around in my pockets.


-And I wanted to stop doing that.

-Yeah, that sounds pretty time-consuming.

-Yes, it was extremely time-consuming.

-And like, hand cramping and the whole deal.


-So you thought, oh there has to be a better way.

-Right.  So we took all those things that were most important to me, and we put them into a convenient package.

-AM, PM.

-AM and PM.  This works really well for me, and I no longer have to get out all my bottles.

-Oh, that's gotta be nice, I mean, you just, they're grab and go.


-Perfect, so tell us a little about the ingredients in here, I mean, I know this seems like an awful lot of pills, and I think a lot of people would say, you know I take my one-a-day multivitamin, so isn't that sufficient for me?

-Well, this is why it's called "Ultimate". 


-This is what I consider to be thee Ultimate.  If somebody asked me, Pat, of all the things that you all sell, what one thing could I take? This would be it.  If money were no object, this would be it.

-So you're saying that a multi-vitamin from just a regular drug store is not gonna cut it?

-Well, it's better than nothing, but it's almost nothing.

-Mm, okay, a little too good to be true.


-Alright, so if someone were to seek out all the ingredients that comes in the Ultimate and buy it separately, what would that roughly cost somebody?

-It would cost about $200 a month to buy each of these ingredients separately.  We sell it in this convenient form for $129 a month.

-Oh wow, so that is a significant savings, plus the convenience is also important.  Time is money, as we all know.

-Absolutely, and if you're on a budget, we have another product called Jigsaw Complete™.

-And if you only want to take pills once a day, you can try Jigsaw Basic™.  All three of these products are available on  Thank you so much, and we'll see you next time.