​Stress Constantly Steals Magnesium

Stress is one of the biggest thieves of magnesium… and your health.*

“Fight-or-flight” is an evolutionary design that protected us from things that wanted to kill and eat us... that’s pretty useful.

But fight-or-flight is now triggered by every situation that you find stressful:

  • Emotional*
  • Social*
  • Psychological*

This constant release of stress hormones draws upon and depletes your magnesium stores, making it impossible for your body to carry out the biological symphony that keeps you healthy and energized.*

  • Even if every leaf of spinach had optimal levels of magnesium…
  • Even if every medication was magnesium-sparing…
  • Even if we weren’t upset by rush hour, paying bills, or deadlines…

There’s a reason for low magnesium levels that you and I can’t avoid.

You see, magnesium absorption from the gut decreases and your kidneys flush out more magnesium as you get older.*

It’s no wonder that 8 out of 10 Americans have seriously low levels of magnesium!*

Thankfully, there’s a simple and effective solution...

Jigsaw MagSRT® -- Mother Nature's original "chill pill" ;)

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