Smooth, Comfortable Digestion: Overview & Natural Approaches

Everyone experiences some digestive discomfort once in a while. For some, it's a common and annoying occurrence though. Ultimately, digestive discomfort can affect whole health—because digestion is how your body gets all its needed building blocks for ongoing maintenance of all its parts and systems.

Some simple lifestyle choices can help support comfortable, healthy digestion:

Keep a daily "food diary" — Track ingredients consumed in each meal and digestive effects afterwards. Share this journal with your healthcare provider who can help you see connections between certain foods and your body's digestive response. Remember, your body may respond to a certain food anywhere from hours to days after eating it.

Support a healthy probiotic population — Take a high-quality probiotic supplement to support healthy digestion and absorption of needed nutrients. Probiotics are especially helpful for promoting healthy digestion of milk products.*

Try a sustained-release magnesium supplement — It not only supports smooth digestion, especially when dealing with occasional constipation, but is vital for supporting healthy calcium uptake and healthy muscle tone and function. A sustained-release form of magnesium will help you avoid the digestive discomfort associated with other high-dose magnesium supplements.*

Take digestive enzymes — Digestive Enzymes are especially helpful for promoting healthy digestion of dairy and wheat ingredients.*

Learn to manage stress — The entire digestive system is very affected by personal stress levels. If possible, make lifestyle changes to lessen the amount of stress in your life, and more importantly, learn to manage your response to stress through breathing exercises, meditation, or prayer. Other supplements (B vitamins5-HTP, and L-Tryptophan) can also help support a more balanced response to stress.*

Exercise —The digestive system benefits greatly from regular physical activity. Even a daily walk will help.