Sinus Health: Overview & Natural Approaches

Sinuses are hollow spaces in the bones around the nose and eyes that drain into the nose. When sinuses are healthy, fluid properly drains out of the sinus cavities. This drainage is important in that it naturally prevents the sinuses from harboring unfriendly bacteria or fungi, keeping the sinus tissue healthy and comfortable.

Sinus health can be affected when the immune system response is compromised. For some people, sinus health can also be affected by certain foods, especially dairy products, which are known to increase mucous production. Sinus health and comfort can often be successfully maintained through dietary adjustments, general immune system support, and sinus irrigation with a neti pot or bulb syringe.*

Jigsaw Health Products That May Help You Feel Your Best

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  • Vitamin C Supplements - Slowly releases vitamin C and lysine over an extended period to support immune system response, and provide antioxidant support.*
  • Cyto-Ess Immune Support - A powerful immune modulator that re-establishes immune system integrity for optimal health and well-being.*