Recap: 4 Exercises to Relieve Back Pain and Why they Work | #MuscleMonday

Our most popular #MuscleMonday video to date has been Ep 2: Four Simple Exercises To Ease Lower Back Pain.

And we've had so much positive feedback from customers! In fact, Lance has received a handful of personal phone calls from people across the country who saw the video, did the exercises, and received relief!

So Patrick Sullivan Jr. (CEO of Jigsaw Health) & Lance Dreher (aka. "Doctor Fitness") join forces again "between two pallet jacks" to recap these four exercises and explain WHY focusing on hip muscles eases lower back pain in a way that ab crunches never will.

  1. Hip Hyperextensions
  2. Hip Adductors
  3. Hip Abductors
  4. Hip Hikers

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GENERAL DISCLAIMER: There is a possibility of physical injury when participating in any exercise program.