Magnesium for Optimal Brain Function.

The role magnesium plays in supporting cognitive function has been under appreciated for far too long. Magnesium helps keep your brain cells properly nourished and energized.

Specifically, magnesium supports synaptic plasticity1 -- an important nuerochemical foundation for memory and learning2.

Your brain's ability to learn and remember things is largely dependent on the plasticity (ability to change) of your brain. And, as humans age, brain plasticity decreases. Therefore, magnesium supports healthy memory and cognitive abilities by maintaining healthy synaptic plasticity in the brain as you age3.

Data shows that the optimal daily intake of magnesium to support brain function is between 600mg - 1,000mg1.

Because of the amount recommended for brain support, it's particularly important you takeMagnesium w/ SRT (Sustained Release Technology) to avoid the digestive discomfort that's often associated with other high dose magnesium supplements.

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