Know Your Levels | Magnesium Blood Test Kit

Would you like to know your Magnesium Red Blood Cell (RBC) count and see how well Magnesium is working for you?

Would you also like to participate in a massive “field trial” so that the world can benefit from this unique nutritional research?

You can do BOTH when you join the Nutrient Power Clinical Trial led by our partners at GrassrootsHealth.

And, in addition to seeing your Magnesium levels, you’ll also find out your levels of Selenium, Zinc, Copper, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, and Vitamin D.

As a special thank you gift to Jigsaw Health customers, GrassrootsHealth will send you a $20 gift certificate to use on after you mail in your test kit to them.

Through this research project, we aim to educate the world just how important healthy Magnesium levels are to feeling good -- after all, it’s FUN to feel good!

The first 100 people to join will also get a free “It’s fun to feel good.” t-shirt. So soft and comfortable, they make a baby duck jealous.

Join this movement today: Click here to purchase a test kit and enroll in the field trial...