Kids are loving the NEW Jigsaw MagNow™

Jigsaw MagNow™ Tart Raspberry Lemonade

The new Jigsaw MagNow™ - Tart Raspberry Lemonade is GREAT FOR KIDS!

The Jigsaw MagNow™ is a calming magnesium powder supplement utilizing a bioavailable and absorbable form, magnesium glycinate.

Jigsaw MagNow™ contains:

  • ZERO calories (sweetened with organic erythritol, stevia & monk fruit extract)
  • No artificial colors or dyes
  • No preservatives
  • No GMOs

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"How do kids like the Jigsaw MagNow™?"

Here's what our customer's are saying so far...

"I give it to my 8 year old daughter & she chugs it down, it helps her sleep and we are hoping it will help her headaches." - Angela

"Works great for my 16 yo son and 13 yo niece. They both request it and love the taste. Both say they remember their dreams more. I love it too and just took advantage of their special promo." - Lynn

"My kids, all 3 of them love this, really good stuff." - Julia

"My kids love this. I just bought 3 of them. Great product." - Xhixhi

".. My kids and I are tolerating it perfectly, thank you !" - Susan

"How do I determine how much to give each family member?"

By using the following recommended daily intake suggestions for magnesium, by age...

Life StageMenWomenPregnancyLactaction
Ages 1-3 80mg 80mg - -
Ages 4-8 130mg 130mg - -
Ages 9-13 240mg 240mg - -
Ages 14-18 410mg 360mg 400mg 360mg
Ages 19-30 400mg 310mg 350mg 310mg
Ages 31+ 420mg 320mg 360mg 320mg

Source: Dean, Carolyn, and Caroly. The Magnesium Miracle: Discover the Essential Nutrient That Will Lower Therisk of Heart Disease, Prevent Stroke and Obesity, Treat Diabetes, and Improve Mood and Memory. New York: Ballantine, 2007. Print.

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Team Jigsaw

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