Joint Health: Overview & Natural Approaches

The body's joints are complex systems of bone, cartilage, and ligaments. Some are weight-bearing (ie - hips and knees), some are highly mobile (ie - fingers, joints in the arms and legs), some permit limited movement (ie - spinal vertebrae) and some aren't often thought of as joints (ie - skull sutures). Essentially, a joint is any location in the body where bone is connected to bone in some fashion.

In most joints, that connection is cushioned by cartilage and lubricating synovial fluid. Joint health and range of motion can be maintained through appropriate exercise, healthy weight management, and a diet rich in antioxidants, trace minerals, and essential fatty acids. Joint health can also be affected by the health and activity of the immune system.*

Joint Health: Natural Approaches and Recommendations

As part of the comprehensive program of nutrition, diet, and lifestyle modification, you may want to consider some of the products listed below to help support the health of your musculoskeletal system.*


Magnesium SupplementsTwo out of three Americans run low on magnesium, mostly because of our diet. Supplementing with Magnesium can be especially important for those with arthritis because of it’s role in helping to:

  • Promote healthy joint function and range of motion.*
  • Promote healthy muscle tone and function.*
  • Support healthy calcium uptake and appropriate calcium utilization in muscles and joints.*
  • Support bone health.*
  • Promote healthy athletic recovery.*

Most magnesium products are not easily absorbed – and many function as a laxative.  Jigsaw's Magnesium w/SRT® addresses both issues and is the number one product we recommend to those starting out on their road to wellness.*


Magnesium Supplements along with: 

Multi-Mineral Supplement – Helps maintain healthy bones, joints, and cartilage. Minerals support healthy oxygen circulation, help regulate fluids, cells, organs, and tissues; and allow vitamins to be more efficiently absorbed.*


Complete Daily Mineral Vitamin SupplementsMagnesium w/SRT®, Calcium, Multi-Mineral, Activated B w/SRT®, Vitamin C w/SRT®, Antioxidant, and Omega-3 Fish Oil w/Vitamin D3:

  • Maintain healthy levels of vitamins and minerals.* 
  • Maintain total body health.* 
  • Maintain normal blood sugar levels within normal range.* 
  • Maintain healthy bones, joints, and cartilage.* 
  • Provide antioxidant support.* 
  • Promote healthy energy production and mental clarity.* 
  • Support a healthy digestive, cardiovascular, hormonal, and nervous system.* 
  • Support healthy immune system function.* 
  • Maintain mental and emotional well-being.* 
  • Promote a healthy mood and balanced response to stress.*

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