Intestinal Flora: Overview and Natural Approaches

In a healthy digestive tract, there are hundreds of billions of bacteria and other microorganisms. In fact there are more bacteria in the human body than individual human cells! There are both friendly and unfriendly guests in every digestive tract. But in healthy human intestines, the good bacteria, or probiotics, outnumber all the unhelpful guests; a normal healthy ratio is about 85% friendly to 15% unfriendly.

This ratio creates a healthy balance in which unfriendly bacteria and other pathogens are not much of a threat. That includes the presence of yeast, or Candida, which is benign in small quantities and is found in every human—normally in the digestive tract, mouth, and throat. When the intestinal flora consists primarily of beneficial probiotic bacteria, Candida's population is kept in check, and it is also prevented from transforming into its fungal form, which has barbed appendages that can be harsh on the intestinal lining.

You can promote the healthy probiotic balance in your gut by:

  • Eating a diet rich in prebiotic fiber and vegetables that nourish probiotics.
  • Avoiding foods that tend to feed yeast and other unfriendly guests—especially sugary foods and refined carbs.
  • Avoiding foods that seem to irritate your digestive tract.
  • Taking a high quality probiotic supplement.*
  • Taking digestive enzyme supplements to support smooth digestion.*

Natural Approaches

As part of the comprehensive program of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle modification, you may want to consider some of the products listed below to help support the health of your bodily systems.


Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes: Specifically designed to promote balance in your digestive tract, support healthy immunity, and promoting regularity for immediate whole health effects.*