A Hidden Infection That Can Keep You from Losing Weight

When your body's immune system is weakened due to a variety of factors (such as a viral or bacterial infection), bad bacteria and yeast can overgrow to unhealthy levels.

Too much of the bad bacteria and yeast can cause stubborn fat deposits that are hard to get rid of unless you fix the underlying issue.

In addition, the use of antibiotics to kill a bacterial infection further upsets the delicate balance of your intestinal flora.

You see, when you take antibiotics, all the bacteria are wiped out, including the good bacteria that your body needs to fight off the bad bacteria and yeast overgrowth.

There are several steps you can take to reduce the overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeast to promote a healthy and normal weight.

  1. First and foremost, make your immune system a top health priority. By boosting your immune system, you can reduce yeast overgrowth and bad bacteria in your gut.*
  2. Boost your intake of antioxidants, which have a positive effect on immune system function.*
  3. Take a high-quality probiotic supplement to boost your good bacteria levels, like Jigsaw Essential Blend Probiotics.
  4. Follow a healthy diet that consists of reducing, or if you can, eliminating all refined sugar, simple carbs and bad fats from your diet; while eating complex carbohydrates, quality proteins, and good fats.

A healthy immune system wards off infection. Boosting your immune system to avoid infections may be one effective tool in the battle against the bulge.*

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