Healthy Sleep/Wake Cycles: Overview & Natural Approaches

Natural light stimulates the optic nerves, which send messages to the brain and triggers the body's circadian rhythms. This allows people to be synchronized with the earth's 24-hour cycle.1 When a person is in synch with day and night, hormones, chemicals, and neurotransmitters (such as melatonin) are naturally released at the right times; the individual falls asleep at an appropriate time and stays asleep, naturally waking seven or eight hours later feeling refreshed.

Healthy circadian rhythm is integral to maintaining whole health. During deep, restful sleep, the body is able to maintain and repair itself on a cellular level. An appropriate sleep-wake cycle not only helps you feel energized, it also supports the immune response, a balanced mood and stress response, mental clarity, and even healthy digestion.

Light therapy is a very gentle method for supporting the body's circadian rhythms and promoting natural patterns of hormone production and sleep/wake cycles.

Lifestyle choices such as not eating two or three hours before bedtime and doing relaxing activities an hour before bedtime can help. Some people also benefit from supplemental Melatonin5-HTPL-Theanine or L-Tryptophan to promote healthy sleep and wake cycles along with supporting an overall sense of relaxation.*