Feed your gut the "right stuff" so you can feel your best...

Feed your gut the "right stuff" so you can feel your best...

You have 3 pounds of "good" and "bad" bacteria that line the walls of your intestines. That's over 100 trillion bacteria, outnumbering the cells in your body 10 to 1.

This unique ecosystem is home to 80% of your immune system making balanced gut bacteria a critical focal point to your health.*

World-renowned, Dr. Mark Hyman, describes it perfectly...

"This ecosystem of friendly bacteria must be in balance for you to be healthy. Too many of the wrong bacteria, like parasites and yeasts, or not enough of the good ones, like Lactobacillus or Bifidobacteria, can seriously damage your health."

Specifically, your gut health determines what nutrients and toxins your body absorbs, as well as what allergens and microbes to keep out.*

Many factors like diet, antibiotics/medications, food allergies, environmental toxins, and stress destroy the "good" bacteria in your body, leaving an overgrowth of the "bad" bacteria to wreak havoc.*

Jigsaw Essential Blend Probiotics make it easy and convenient to rebuild the healthy bacteria in your gut.*

Just 1 capsule a day of Jigsaw Essential Blend Probiotics delivers 25 billion active friendly bacteria to support healthy immune response.*

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