Fatigue, Exhaustion, and Adrenal Health

Your adrenal glands greatly impact how you feel. These 2 walnut-sized glands sit above your kidneys and are responsible for manufacturing important hormones, regulating blood sugar, regulating your body's mineral supply, and producing and maintaining your body's energy levels.1

And, when these "small but mighty" organs are not functioning properly it wreaks havoc in your body -- leaving you fatigued, exhausted and weak.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to promote adrenal gland function is to optimize your vitamin C levels.

Vitamin C plays a critical role in adrenal function for several reasons:

  1. The highest concentration of vitamin C in your body is stored in your adrenal glands.
  2. Your adrenal glands require vitamin C for the production of numerous hormones.
  3. When your adrenals do not have sufficient vitamin C levels it causes an excess release of the "stress" hormone, cortisol.2

But it's important to remember that humans do not have the ability to manufacture their own vitamin C, so it must come through diet and/or supplementation.

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