​Curcumin Protects Your Brain in 4 Unique Ways...

Curcumin has become a very popular supplement for it's antioxidant properties.

And, the research on this natural substance continues to grow. In fact, here's 4 remarkable ways curcumin can help protect your brain...

1.  Helps maintain healthy memory and concentration.*

2.  Promotes the production of serotonin and dopamine -- chemicals produced by your body that influence mood.*

3.  Supports the production of the protein, BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), to stimulate brain cell production.*

4.  Increases the bioavailability of DHA (an omega 3 essential fatty acid). DHA is an important building block in the brain.(1)*

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(For all you Dr. Blaylock fans out there, this is the way he recommends taking Curcumin.)

Sources: (1) Alban, Deane. "Benefits of Curcumin: The Golden Ingredient in Turmeric." Be Brain Fit. Be Brain Fit & Blue Sage, LLC., 20 Oct. 2015. Web. 17 June 2016.

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