Blood Glucose Levels: Overview & Natural Approaches

The body's blood glucose level, or blood sugar, refers to the amount of glucose in the blood at a given moment. In a healthy body, the pancreas secretes appropriate amounts of insulin, the hormone that helps convert this glucose (sugar) into energy for use in the body's cells. This balanced process of converting sugar to usable energy depends on:

  • The amount of insulin produced by the pancreas
  • The ability of the cells to respond appropriately to insulin
  • Healthy magnesium levels in the body, which affects both pancreatic function and insulin's activity on a cellular level*
  • A healthy balanced diet that does not flood the body with sugar or excessive refined carbohydrates (which convert quickly to glucose)

Maintaining healthy blood glucose levels is a vital part of the whole health foundation as it is tied not only to healthy metabolism and energy production, but also heart health, vascular health, and kidney health. All the body's cells, tissues, and organs depend on appropriate insulin production and healthy blood glucose utilization.