Balanced Response to Stress: Overview & Natural Approaches

The feeling of stress is not necessarily a bad thing. This heightened state of mind is a normal reaction to any stressor. It helps us deal with a tense situation in the office, study harder for an exam, or keep focused on an important speech. In general, it helps us get through a difficult or exciting time and is perfectly natural.

Our stress response can become imbalanced when we rarely have a chance to recover and return to a state of homeostasis—where we feel grounded and relaxed once again. Feeling constantly rapped in a certain situation, at work or at home, can lead to overarching negative thoughts and emotions that take their toll on the body.

Taking steps to promote a balanced stress response, through lifestyle choices and nutrition, is vital for building a whole health foundation. A balanced stress response helps support other systems in the body including: healthy sleep-wake cycles, balanced mood, healthy digestion, overall mental clarity, and balanced immune response.