5-HTP from Linnea

The following email from Don Stanek, US Sales Director at Linnea Inc., reminded me once again why we ONLY use Linnea's 5-HTP raw material to create Jigsaw 5-HTP w/SRT®; They care about their customers and the dietary supplement industry as much as we do.

It's certainly been a tumultuous few weeks for our industry. The New York State Attorney General's "testing" of various botanical extracts, and the resultant fall-out from this investigation have been the prominent news items.

The essential reason for the existence of our industry is to supply additional health supplementation to consumers because of poor diets and lifestyles. And through this supplementation, the consumer may guard against certain health issues or delay the onset of future health problems.

Understandably, a major concern of consumers is the quality of the products they ingest. There should be no doubt in the consumers mind that what they purchase will have a beneficial effect on their health.

Thus, the reliability, and more so, the integrity, of raw materials is paramount to making certain the consumer receives the full benefit from their purchase of nutritional supplements. Manufacturers should adhere to this ultimate goal of providing quality, reliable, and consistent supplements to the consumer.

Linnea has been committed to the promise of quality, reliability and consistency through our more than 30 years of applying pharmaceutical quality standards to the manufacturing of ingredients. No other manufacturer demands the same high level of operating standards. Linnea has passed FDA inspection and compliance standards and is also certified by SwissMedic. Our products are marketed in the United States and in the more than 60 countries around the world.