5 ways Jigsaw Alaskan Cod Liver Oil can help you...

5 ways Jigsaw Alaskan Cod Liver Oil can help you...

By: Dr. Liz Erkenswick

Cod liver oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids which provide many great health benefits for your heart, skin, and brain and it's also high in naturally occurring vitamin A and vitamin D.*

And, we all know that the body needs vitamin A (retinol) and vitamin D (aka. "hormone D") to function optimally.*

But, here's 5 additional ways Cod Liver Oil can benefit you:

  1. The naturally occurring vitamin A promotes eye health.*
  2. Cod liver oil supports and promotes normal brain function -- especially the developing brains in the fetus and young child, (as well as aging brains).*
  3. Vitamin A is a critical component to the enzyme pathways needed for healthy liver function.*
  4. Your kidneys rely on vitamin A to carry out all its functions.*
  5. Lastly, your skin -- women know the most expensive eye and skin creams contain vitamin A (retinol). Blemishes and Acne are a surefire sign of vitamin A deficiency. Your skin requires a balance of both vitamin A and vitamin D for optimal health.*

BONUS TIP: I work with lots of new moms, and when they complain of diaper rash or other skin breakouts, I immediately tell them to use Cod Liver Oil -- just break open one of those big pearls of Golden Goodness and spread it all over the diaper area (use each time you change the diaper).*

To make it convenient to use, open several and put into a small container for the diaper bag or changing table (adding a drop of Essential oil of Lemon or Lavender keeps baby from smelling like "Charlie Tuna" !! )