4th of July... The Blooper Reel | #FunnyFriday

This blooper reel was one of Jigsaw's top #FunnyFriday video picks of 2017.

In the actual episode, "Uncle Patrick" explained that fireworks contain Magnesium. And hopefully, you were able to impress a few of your friends on July 4th as you ate hot dogs and watched fireworks light up the night sky. But the truth is... that video was a lot tougher for Patrick to make than you might imagine. So difficult, in fact, that we saved all the bloopers for this week's #FunnyFriday episode. The first video was 1:30. The blooper reel is 3:30. And you're going to enjoy every second...

PS - In related news, if you get Patrick for Secret Santa this year, he would really appreciate a teleprompter.

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