5 Brain Benefits of the NEW Jigsaw Brain Boost...

5 Brain Benefits of the NEW Jigsaw Brain Boost...

The NEW Jigsaw MagPure™ Brain Boost is an exciting new magnesium product by Jigsaw Health targeted specifically for brain health.*

The special form of magnesium used in the new Jigsaw MagPure™ Brain Boost -- Magnesium L-Threonate -- has been clinically tested and shown to permeate the blood-brain barrier to support healthy brain function.*

Here's 5 ways Jigsaw MagPure™ Brain Boost can support brain health:

  1. Enhance learning abilities.*
  2. Healthy short-term & long-term memory.*
  3. Promote a healthy response to stress.*
  4. Support healthy aging.*
  5. Promote overall healthy cognitive function.*

Each serving of MagPure™ Brain Boost contains 144mg of elemental Magnesium that is quickly released into the bloodstream to fuel your brain.*

Since your body requires a minimum of 400mg of Magnesium per day, we recommend using the Jigsaw MagPure™ Brain Boost in conjunction with our top-rated MagSRT® to give your body ample supply of magnesium while fueling your brain with this targeted formula.*

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