My father seemed to be in good health but was fatigued and listless. I heard Jigsaw advertised on the radio and thought that this could possibly help and knowing how important magnesium is in so many bodily functions it seemed to be a good place to try. After only 2 days Dad could tell the difference with his energy level. He is undertaking projects that were unthinkable before and he sleeps better too. Now I am going to order magnesium for myself as well!


San Francisco, CA

Your magnesium is FABulous!! I am recommending it to anyone I know who has even a muscle twinge!!

Ally K.

Scottsdale, AZ

I drive a long way to and from work and it immediately reduced the muscle stress and fatigue I was experiencing. When my supply ran out, I tried some off-the-shelf brand of magnesium. It hasn't helped at all by comparison. This is actually an incredible product. Thanks, Jigsaw!

Dave D.

Stayton, OR

I've been taking the Magnesium w/SRT for about 2 weeks and I can tell an overall difference in how much better I feel, I feel more energized, and my quality of sleep has improved. I can honestly say I haven't felt this rested in a long time. I've been telling everyone I know about this product. Thanks Jigsaw.

Alice B.

New Iberia, LA

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