Jigsaw L-Theanine - A premium L-Theanine supplement.

Jigsaw L-Theanine by Suntheanine®


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    • Product Description

      jigsaw-l-theanine-supplement-facts.jpgSupplement Facts

      Active Ingredient: Suntheanine (L-Theanine). Suntheanine™ is a trademark of Nutriscience, Inc.

      Suggested Use: Take 1 capsule after breakfast, lunch, and dinner (if needed). Do not take late in the evening. Or use as directed by your healthcare professional.

      Who Else Wants A Safe And Natural Way To Support A Centered Mood?*

      • Support a balanced response to stress*
      • 100% pure Suntheanine
      • Only side-effect is feeling good! 

      What Can L-Theanine Help Me With?

      • Promote a healthy sense of relaxation without drowsiness.*
      • Promote a balanced response to stress.*
      • Enhance mental focus and clarity.*
      • Support learning performance and concentration.*
      • Soothe effects of occasional caffeine consumption.*
      • Ease the effects of mild hormonal imbalance, especially associated with the female cycle.*

      How Is Jigsaw's L-Theanine By Suntheanine Different?

      • Contains 100% Suntheanine, the ONLY pure form of L-theanine on the market — with no impure D-theanine. (Many companies mix the more expensive Suntheanine with inexpensive versions of L-theanine, so they can sell it cheaper yet make more profit.)
      • Protected by 60 internationally recognized patents for manufacturing and usage.
      • Pure, patented, pharmaceutical-grade L-theanine.
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